1. rakeshishere

    Is This Possible?

    Some serious help needed:For High IQ people I have a some serious questions to ask guys...Plz Post in ur replies 1]Everyone must have heard MAC for intel ! Is it really true or some kind of tech rumours. 2]Suppose if this news is true..Can i have a dual OS which consists of winxp and MAC...
  2. the_moon

    Website Translation!

    I want to add a Language translation option in my website that can translate the website in Chinese & other languges like Spanish & German? Is there a s/w available for the above? Preferrably a free s/w :)
  3. rakeshishere

    Any good mobile unlocking s/w

    i want a very good mobile unlocking s/w suppose for eg:if there is some security code forgotten/sim blocked or any kind of such stuff ...The s/w shud help me unlocking it...I searched google and found some very small freewares to unlock mobiles only for specific models and manufacture like...
  4. blueshift

    Online Radio queries?

    I use Winamp. Is it possible to save the audio files that are streaming through online radio? Is there a s/w for tht? While i am listening to online radio, does downloading takes place?
  5. blueshift

    WorldSpaceRadio on PC?

    I was just surfing through Orkut communities and theres somethinf that read like this:' Download World Space Radio on your PC' Does this kind of s/w exists i mean how can it be world space radio? Just need to clarify this.
  6. vikasg03

    Need Network Watch/admin tool

    hello i am using cable net , as u know in the cable net many users are connected to one particular server(gateway) those are subscribe net from that cable provider. My problem is due to this all users are belongs to same workgroup and they can easily connect to other users. I can download one...
  7. rakeshishere

    Fat32 And Ntfs Problem?

    I have installed windows 98 and windows xp on my hard disk.My C drive and D drive is ntfs and E drive is fat32 where i have installed win98..Now my problem is that i cant the partition of C and D when i load into win98 as its ntfs...i heard there is some s/w to solve this problem.....as i dont...
  8. rakeshishere

    Windows firewall problem?

    i disabled my windows firewall 4 dwnldng some s/w as it gave me some problem...Now i am unable to enable as windows gives me a msg that "windows cannot enable the firewall due to an unidentified problem"...i get a popup ballon in the system tray that "No firewall is turned on"...i installed zone...
  9. ninad_mhatre85

    windows installation??????

    hi guys i want to know whether its possible to make windows installation disc(DVD) with all software on it , that will b installed after windows installation has finished without any prompt like office, antivirus s/w, firewall etcc. I used nLite to integrate SP2 with my win xp
  10. Vishal Gupta

    Thread to Share your Portable Softwares names & URLs if LEGAL!

    Guys! I'm starting this topic so that all members can post a list or screenshot of all portable s/w they hv. It'll help us to know about various portable s/w, which we didnt know. And we can also share them or their URLs, if LEGAL. Following is the list of all portable s/w, I hv:
  11. casanova

    Desktop enhancements s/w u use?

    Lets dedicate this thread to post which enhancement s/w we use. As for me, I am currently using 1. WindowBlinds 5 2. DesktopX 3.1 3. ObjectDock Plus
  12. vikasg03

    good software to convert photo to VCD

    hello i know the topic already discussed previously but my problem is something different. i am using kodal digital camera which gives me output of 2304*1728 pixel output(gr8 quality).after transfer photos into PC when I wants to convert into VCD i use 2 s/w. 1.pics to avi using image to avi...
  13. S

    help on suse 9.1

    Hi everyone, I am subhayu . This is my first message on this board. I have recently installed SUSE 9.1 , which i got from Digit DVD. It started with great features. thats ok. But what i want to know is how to play VCD(Dat) files here ? also i want to know how to install different s/w with...
  14. G

    how to write in hindi on web page,notepad,word n anyelse

    anybody know how to write in hindi on any web page as we see these days many ppl r writting in english n hindi both !!!! i got a s/w for this but that didnt worked properly on my pc,may b i wasnt able to track it !!! can anybody telll me any s/w for this or any other trick ....
  15. Vishal Gupta

    Share the S/W and other things for SE k700i here!

    Guys! Today I got SE k700i and yes! Its an amazing phone! Now I'm starting this thread to share various s/w, ringtones, applications, themes, etc. for this gr8 phone! :D So guys! I request u to pls post here the s/w name and if possible then also d/l link, for this phone! As there r...
  16. gauravakaasid

    freeware 4 nokia 6600

    i recently got 6600, have also downloaded a lot a s/w frm net. but most f them dnt run, or dnt perform as xpected, how do i uninstall them? also can the 6600 b used as a radio wit the app s/w? whr do i get it frm? also whr do i get the nokia infra red remote app 4 6600?
  17. G

    probs after installing ubuntu or any linux

    recently i've installed ubuntu ,im a newbie in linux ,can any1 tell which s/w i install like in windows media player,winamp,modifying look bcoz its too bad luking, generally used s/w. can i install adobe's and macromedia products directly on linux as wat i did on windows??? can anybody...
  18. Vishal Gupta


    Hi guys! Can u pls suggest the Best GUI Builder s/w for making JAVA programs? Like in Visual Studio, we can drag-n-drop buttons, labels, checkboxes, etc and it automatically create coding for them! So which is the best s/w for JAVA GUI? thnx in advance!
  19. khansdream

    Doc to Pdf

    Help me to find a best, and of-course free, s/w to convert Doc files to PDF format.
  20. Vishal Gupta


    Hi guys! I need ur help! I'm currently d/l ing Windows XP Professional 64-bit edition 180 days trial from Microsoft site. I hv some quesries regarding to it, so pls give ur valuable answers :) 1.) Its a 180 days trial, i.e., it'll stop working after 180 days, but what will happen if I...
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