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Blockchain in governance

While the government is against cryptocurrencies, India is also exploring various use cases for adopting blockchain in governance.

Blockchain and the future of NFTs

The future could be very interesting for Non Fungible Tokens, the hottest things in distributed ledger technologies.

Has blockchain gone bad?

Ten years to the first bitcoin block, we explore the other side of the Blockchain story - the one where the malicious actors exploit it for nothing good.

Bandersnatched: The origins of interactive storytelling and branching storylines

Do you think Netflix's Black Mirror film Bandersnatch is the first of its kind? You need a nosedive into the entire history of interactive storytelling.

Peeking inside machines that translate between languages

Major tech companies and academic institutions around the world are competing to develop artificial intelligence that is the most accurate at translating one language to another. Because of the way machine...


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