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Things to do after installing Windows 10

Here’s an instruction manual that you should follow after you’ve formatted your PC.

Technology is revolutionising women’s healthcare

Technology grows by leaps and bounds with every passing minute in today’s dynamic world. It could inject a much-needed boost to the quest for efficient women’s healthcare around the world.

A list of free alternatives to default Windows 10 apps

Windows 10 comes preinstalled with an array of default apps that are used extensively by all its users. Windows 10 introduced a host of new apps that include the all-new Photos app that has faced much flak...

A deep dive: The origin of submarines

From modified rowboats to underwater drones, we explore the depth of the sub’s journey throughout history

Geekiest winners from d&i awards at COMPUTEX 2018

A look into some of the geekiest d&i award winners at COMPUTEX 2018.


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