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Digital payments decoded: an interview with Vishal Maru, VP, Worldline

Through the lens of UPI and mPOS devices, we try to understand the digital payments ecosystem in a post-demonetisation India

iOS through the ages and key features in iOS 11

Now that iOS 11 will begin rolling out to the general public in about a week's time, here’s a look at the evolution of this mobile operating system and key features you can look forward to in its latest version

Evolution of the iPhone

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launched, here's a quick look at the incredible journey of a device that revolutionised an entire smartphone industry

How your brain’s algorithms can be exploited to secretly influence you

The algorithms that guide our thought processes are often flawed and open to exploitation. To defend against them, you must know these attack vectors



The rise of Siri

Siri is synonymous with Apple now, yet she was unheard of even five years ago. Where did this AI assistant come from? And what lies in the future for her? We find out.

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