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  1. A

    system very slow suddenly

    Hi, When i was de fragmenting my c drive, suddenly due fluctuation system re-started. now it will take 2.5+ min to boot and system also become very slow. Before that it was very fast . No other s/w i install. How can i know that which file being corrupted and how to fix. I already tried system...
  2. A

    Registry cleaner for bulk deletion

    Is there any s/w which delete the bulk /all keys at single click based upon search criteria. So many s/w are available which remove the invalid registry. I want like if i enter oracle as a parameter, then it remove each and every entry from regedit wherever "oracle" occurs, whether valid or invalid
  3. iinfi

    rpm from ./configure make n make install...

    for most of the newer versions of s/w i find that RPMs are not available and i have to compile from the source where i run ./configure make n make install... to install the s/w. is it possible to get the RPM of that s/w after installing the s/w so that i can use it to install on other...
  4. blueshift

    Display problem

    Hello, I recently had a new system with following main config: AMD Athlon X2 5600+, Asus M2N68-VM mobo and 2GB 800MHz DDR2. The mobo has onboard nVidia7 gfx chip. The problem is that some applications display with jagged pixels. Pocket Tanks, Photoshop and few other s/w doesn't display...
  5. pr.itdude

    which s/w u downloaded last tym......???

    hi guys, tell me which s/w u downloaded last tym in the following pattern (this will b helpful for all........as sometimes we need a s/w but cant make it for...) lets begin with me..... s/w : video edit magic {tell here name of the s/w} tag : name says all (but then also, for video...
  6. Chetan1991

    Want a freeware small OCR software (batch processing capable)

    Hi All! I want a freeware small OCR software which can transform text in many pictures and saveit in a text file. If you happen to know some s/w meeting these requirements, please give me links. Please note that I don't need a s/w which selects text from a single image and save it into a text...
  7. D

    How To Read this file?

    Hi. i have got one file which contains ascii characters can any one suggest me is there any s/w to read ascii character as a text if any s/w pl. suggest the link thanks and regards
  8. K

    Suggest me good free anti-virus

    Hi frnds, I had bought nokia 5320 xm & I want good free AV s/w, please suggest me best option. Thanks S
  9. ashu888ashu888

    video recording s/w

    Guys, I need a video recording s/w wich can record videos midway playing on my PC say on winamp or wmp11 (i.e only that part of the video that i want it to be recorded) say for Eg: i want to record jus a 30seconds part of a 1 hr video, so plz suggest me a s/w.. :) and also plz mention if...
  10. D

    any s/w for mp3 song

    hi is there any software available for mp3 songs which i can cut few part of it n save it in short i m searching a s/w for a full length mp3 to be cut n make it shorter for example i love few songs of movie karzz but i like some part of one song which i want to cut n save it as a different...
  11. ruturaj3

    Battery Life

    My mom is using Nokia 3230 from last 3-4 years. Recently it gets discharged very fast and sometimes even if battery is charged it switch off automatically, how can i know about its battery life is over or is there any s/w or h/w problem .
  12. Drizzling Blur

    iTunes problem / Alternative s/w for iPod

    I run iTunes on my laptop, HP DV6226, the program crashes every time i launch it, I even uninstalled it and then installed it back, nothing seems to work. Kindly suggest something. Also suggest an alternative s/w for accessing the iPod, there was a s/w i came across which was a simple drag...
  13. pritish_kul2


    any one gt the s/w of d'accord???
  14. iinfi

    image of my drive

    i want to take a backup of my OS so that if my OS crashes and if i need to format my drive then i sud be able to get back my system as is. ie. i sud be able to get back all the programs installed with the settings without having to go thru the installation all over agian is that possible with...
  15. abhi.eternal

    i hate 'new folder'!!

    is there anyway to name a 'new folder' as '<date> <time>' by default. it will be handy to know when the folder was created. please suggest a s/w or tweak on how to do this.
  16. Jags

    Run AVI files without "installing" codecs ??

    Hi, I need to play avi files on my office laptop but I dont have the permission to install anything. Is there any s/w which I can just unzip and use ?? or any other workaround ... :?: Thanx..
  17. F

    pls suggest a gud cd ripping s/w, acd to mp3

    pls suggest a gud cd ripping s/w, acd to mp3
  18. F

    how to jumble text

    while enterin a plain text (sort of wat i ve typed here) any s/w which can convert to wHIlE eNtERiNg format got it?
  19. gkiran

    Contact Management S/w

    Hi all, I need a contact Mgmt s/w at our office, for storing the phone numbers etc, with the following features: 1) Centralized database containing all contacts. Volume will be around 3-4 thousands. We also want to take a backup of this file/folder frequently. 2) Network capability...
  20. shyamno

    Space in C: Drive

    Suddenly....my free space from the C drive have been reduced to 350MB from 1.07 GB ...without any installation of any kind of s/w.... Can I remove/delete these files..in the pic below....
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