1. rakeshishere

    The Ultimate Registry Tweaking Software U will EVER See!

    What Is It? Does It Do? RT.Net contains lots of registry tweaks. The GUI is checkbox/textbox based with 18 sections of tweaks to browse through. When you have selected all the tweaks you want you can click the compile button and they will be compiled onto the screen for you to view. There is...
  2. S

    2 in 1 question pack.........plz help..

    Hi frns, I have 2 queries:: 1. Is there any s/w available which is able to read sms's ie first the msgs are transferred from mob(N 6630) to pc and then is there ne s/w available for reading the messages stored in inbox... 2. Is a 1 GB card compatible with N 6630..?? Please help me...
  3. Jags

    help: s/w 2 password protect file

    hey... I am in search for a s/w with which i can paswrd protect a file or folder.. i.e. when i double click on the folder/file..i need 2 enter the passwrd in order to open it.. I found some s/w which HIDES the foldr/file..but i dont want to hide it.. can anyone plz help... thanx
  4. D

    Free AntiVirus Software..........

    Hi, I need Free Antivirus Software which is used for scanning n removing virus.....n also need to see it doesnt slow up pc performance....... i have got one avg antivirus but its a test center only.....as it just detect virus but never helps to cure the same............. So any simple n...
  5. wizrulz

    Want Best Replacements

    finally i have decided to replace NORTON package...and the reason is known to all ANTIVIRUS=> know this nod32 and kaspersky SYSTEM utilities => to reapir if any problem in s/w programs?? BACKUP => i know ACRONIS but i want some thing like norton go back also....
  6. deepak.krishnan

    making a s/w that functions like a search engine

    Hi I am trying to create a s/w which will search the hard drive for files with a certain extension and it also includes a option to delete those entries from the hard disk... How can I make it search in the hard disk??? I am making use of Visual Basic 6.0 for this project...
  7. D

    How to find ip address of chatting person

    hi, i have few contacts on yahoo messanger but is there any way to find out ip address with whom i m chatting......is there any s/w for the same or utilities........... thanks in advance if somebody replies here........
  8. Tushar.bar

    mp3 to mmf

    i have a samsung x160 mobile.that support .mmf file format as a ring tone can any know which s/w transfers mp3(or other common audio format) to mmf
  9. T

    Pls Help

    Hello friends,recently I bought a laptop from my friend.Iam going to use this laptop for presentation, music, browsing and to store files. The following s/w are there in my lappy 1) j2SE runtime environment 5.0 update 6 (119.00MB)2) java 2 runtime environment, SE v1.4.2_03 (136.00MB)3)lernout...
  10. s18000rpm

    Extracting Audio from Video. How?

    I recorded a small video(for theme music) from TV using a camera, now i only want the Audio. i.e. extract the audio from video. how to do it. which s/w do i have to use for this. i want the audio for using it as Windows Login Music. :D Thanx.
  11. S

    Stop Downloading

    Hey Guys I want to know can I block Downloading in internet explorer or any Explorer without using a third party S/W in WinXPSp2.
  12. n2casey

    Solution needed for 2 problems

    I have P-4 1.7 GHZ, 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 GB sys. I m using WinXP Pro SP2, NAV 2005. I have some CD which I write few months b4 but now I came 2 know that each s/w, present on those CDs is infected with Win32 Valla & Pinfi viruses. I tried to repair files with NAV but it modified/corrupted...
  13. vikasg03

    How to Lock folder on server ?

    Hy My problem is something different. In my company we have one server having windows 2000 server is install and all clients has windows 98. There is one common shared folder in server in which each one client has their owned folder, means one folder for each client in which they store their...
  14. clmlbx

    NEEDED Software To Shedule Downloads ???

    Hi I Need Help. I Want To Download Some Files But They Are Not So Big So That I Can Keep Them Whole Night .so I Have To Shedule It One After One Or After The Entered Time . Is Ther Any S/w To Do So .
  15. 47shailesh

    Cheapest Hardware And S/w In Mumbai

    wherre i can get cheapest hardware and s/w in mumbai.... also i want to know which is d best place to get newly arrived gadgets(like PDA cell phones) in MUMBAI..................................................................
  16. ayush_chh

    FM for 6600

    my frnd has a nokia 6600 and wants to play FM....so i wanted to know is thr ny s/w for playing FM in 6600??
  17. J

    karoke extractor

    could some one pls help to extract karoke from a song. i want to know abt the s/w , whether its a freeware or not etc.. pls help...............
  18. shivam

    Plz Help

    hi guys i want to know how can i change the logo in n6630.i have changed it with op logo but it dosnt works.i also recived a sms of logo from my service provider but thats of no use plz tell me,plz try to resolve this problem without any s/w.but if its not possible without any s/w then tell me...
  19. rakeshishere

    Watch TV channels with this piece of s/w

    Here is a s/w which can be used to watch tv channels without using a TV tuner card.Its free and it saves from subscription to many channels Here i uploaded for you people:)
  20. C

    Recovery of Lost Partition

    I accidentally deleted a logical drive(FAT32). Please suggest a good s/w to recover data..
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