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  1. S

    best s/w course

    i did my b.e (ece) , what is the best s/w course at present
  2. rajhot

    Guardian s/w prob with 6630

    guys i installed guardian s/w on my nokia 6630 when i was in chennai.Now i am staying in bang and changed my sim card also...but now whenever i am switching off my mobile message is going to my dad's mobile in vizag :( i am not able to uninstall that s/w.In fact it won't be shown in...
  3. casanova

    What if Re. 1 = $45

    Enjoy with Future India after 50 Years . What happens if 1 rupee = 45 dollars !............ ......... ..... Scene 1 Venue : Microsoft Corporation, New York , US Some s/w engineers are seeing some photographs. s/w engg 1 : What's that? s/w engg 2 : Bob's photographs from India ...
  4. R

    encrypt a pen-drive

    Hi, I need a software which will encrypt the drive itself. i have been searching this kind of software from a long time and i find s/w which will create a encrypted image, it will ask for password and we have to mount the image... etc..like in true-crypt ( http://www.truecrypt.org/ ) In...
  5. almighty

    Opera gives slow speed?

    hello mates Today i found that OPERA is not giving me exact d/w speed when i download a s/w from opera browser it shows only 6-7 kBps speed, But to check whats wrong dere I downloaded same s/w with firefox... and the d.w speed was 10-11 kBps... (it also takes less time. so its clear that its...
  6. pritish_kul2

    Gd Multimedia Software

    i need a very hatt ke s/w for a przentation. plz suggest me a s/w jo achha ho
  7. Dark Star

    How to backup data?

    Is there any s/w on any platform which can retrieve data from USB that is corrupted.. I mean its not permanently corrupted :ashamed: but due to improper removal I cannot mount it :huh: So plz suggest me a s/w which can help me :) Regards Also how can I get temp. ADmin power from which I can...
  8. aditya.shevade

    HP laptop... Many Problems....

    Hi I have an HP nx 6110, PC 416AV laptop. I have bought that laptop last year on the 2nd of June. Since then, I have had 3 HDD, 3 DVD drive and a Motherboard and a Bluetooth dongle replacement, under warranty. I have one question. I know that some hardware is manufactured for some...
  9. Chetan1991

    s/w that can copy whole site

    Guys I need a s/w that can copy whole website at one click with options such as specific files etc.I didn't found FlashGet and similars so efficient.
  10. wizrulz

    Booting And Sound Problem

    From past few days i cant hear anything from my creative 5.1 speakers.. :( I dont usually hear music on my PC...but one day i wanted to but i couldnt.... I have Creative 5.1 Soundbalster live sound card......with the s/w provided with it i have tested it and it has passed all test...so no...
  11. sharma_atul85

    downloading thru P2P

    hello frns i wanna knw hw to download stuffs via P2P clients ... i want to do this from my college PC...but the problem is that it is banned ..so ant third party s/w to do this???
  12. M

    any n70 users plz help!

    hi ppl i have bought this fone a week ago can u tell me any s/w to convert avi files to 3gp format?thanks.
  13. V

    software plz

    1)Registry File compare Hi all... im in need of comparing two reg file.. Is there any s/w that clearly indicates the differences made... open source s/w is what im looking for... 2)Tracking changes Is there any software or program that can keep track of what changes another SOFTWARE is...
  14. techno geek

    6600 camcorder s/w query??????

    hi friends i wanna know tht recently i used camcorder s/w in 66 to record a video clip. after extracting it 2 my pc 2 diff files r created extensions were: 1) .eye 2) .ear how 2 view tht or convert it 2 some other format guys plz help me.
  15. 047

    Hiding Folder

    Could u plz tell me "HOW TO HIDE A FOLDER"? dont tell me the trick using "ALT+<code>" thats prety much old. tell me the one which doesnt use a third party s/w.
  16. Chetan1991

    Pls help me with web stuff

    Hi to all! Being new to internet I have encountered some stuff which I couldn't understand.So please help me: What is"cookies"? What are "pop ups" and what is the need to block them? What harm Spy-wares pose and is there really a need to install an Anti-Spyware s/w?
  17. wizrulz

    Document Language translator

    hello..searched the forum but could not get it.... I have a pdf in different language cannot figure out which....now i want a s/w which can convert it to english....
  18. pritish_kul2

    S/W for watching live

    Is there any software by which we can watch live?
  19. T

    Do I need a Server to program

    I want to enter to programing which needs server. I want to program in oracle and jsp Java RMI etc. I dont have a server or a website. Can I do it from my home PC. I have dynamic IP address. What S/W I have to install to do them.
  20. s18000rpm

    Locking Up a Drive

    hey guys help me. i've very imp. datas- games, game mods, s/w Install files... on F: drive, i want to safegaurd me PC (partition) from getting affected by Virus/spyware... i cant make back-up (~20GB of files) i'm goin to chennai, so my PC will be helpless here. when i'm gone my bro's...
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