1. anon232

    Hibernation + Windows Explorer Problems

    Hibernation + Windows Explorer + Boot Screen Updater Problems System Configuration:- Sony VAIO F15219 + Dual Boot OS (Windows 7 SP1 64-bit+ Linux Mint 15) Problems:- 1. Although I have all the latest drivers installed in windows 7 alongwith all the required Sony's utility software,I simply...
  2. N

    Assembled PC Configuration within 20-21 K

    Hi, I need a detail on assembled PC configuration within around 20K excluding the following accessories: i) UPS ii) Monitor iii) Speaker P.N. - This is based on domestic purpose and eligible to consume updated s/w including Photoshop and other Coding tools. Thanks in advance for...
  3. anirbandd

    Process file access log s/w

    Hi all!! I want to know if there is any s/w which can what files a process is accessing. to make it clearer, lets say i am running a game exe. i want a s/w, which will log the files which the game exe is accessing during gameplay. Thanks in advance!!
  4. sam_738844

    Info/Discussion : How to configure a Graphics Card dedicated for Phyx, Baseline and Aux

    :oops: May sound Stupid, but this thread requires information as the title suggests. I have seen members in this forum having gaming rigs with high-end GPU's as a baseline along with another GPU aligned only for Phyx. Even scnearios where the Baseline Card a Top-notch AMD beast (say HD7970) and...
  5. anirbandd

    Network Monitor s/w

    i am in need of a 3rd party network monitor s/w. need just the basics, ie, it would log when the net was connected and how much data was transferred and when it was disabled. anything additional will be welcome, but not needed. should not cause much load on cpu, and should start with windows...
  6. M

    Hardware priority list according to Software - A Suggestion

    I have been seeing for many years in various forums that many buyers are confused about the priority to be given to a particular hardware for the software they use/want to use. For example hardware suitable for designing purpose may be completely different for a user who wants hardware for his...
  7. S

    need a lan chat

    plz suggest a lan chat s/w. the web site from where i can download securely. i need a free virous free lan chan s/w.
  8. saikiasunny

    Freeware for sound enhancement?

    Hello friends! I was looking for a free sound enhancement s/w for my PC. I have DFX9 for WMP. But it is a trial version. So is there any freeware available. It would be nice if the s/w can work with games too:-?. TIA sunny.
  9. arpanmukherjee1

    QR Code Scanner for Windows/Linux

    the title is pretty much what i want. a QR Code scanner from image or camera. barcode scanner would be nice. i know some opensource encoder/decoder libraries, but thats for later. i want a s/w with linux (Sabayon 5) and/or windows(win 7 x64) support
  10. kartikoli

    s/w to create pdf with ability to copy text in resultant PDF

    i need a software which can create a PDF from browser and resultant PDF TEXT can be copied to other text editor Eg.notepad normally pdf creator [which work as virtual printer] create pdf which take screenshot of the screen and create a PDF but i need a s/w which give me an option to copy text...
  11. pulkitpopli2004

    ASUS mobo s/w requirement..

    hello frndz I have Asus Mobo. When i inserted the ASUS disc. few s/w comes in the dialog box.. i install EPU-6 Engine driver. can you tell me what others drivers and utilities are important for my PC?
  12. D

    help me buying a laptop ???

    Guys i've decided to buy a basic grade laptop for business use... what brand can i go in for....my budget is within 30k i heard that core i3 does not support running of few s/w like c,c++ and stuffs can i go in for core 2 duo...if so please mention the exact spec of it...
  13. User Name

    Need Hardware Temp monitor s/w

    Hi I need a hardware temp monitor s/w. s/w that monitors all temps. CPU, HDD. GPU etc. for win7 should be available on desktop. Any free software?
  14. sanoob.tv

    Recovery help

    i have my freinds acer laptop with me. its loaded with lots of virus,no cd drive. anti virus didnt install,cant get control panel.can access task manager,bt cant terminate processes. i have a norton ghost image for the laptop.bt norton ghost doesnt works. any advices?? is there any other...
  15. kool

    how can i burn LINUX, XP on same DVD..?

    Hi guys, I want to burn LINUX-MINT, UBUNTU on single DVD. And bootable, how is it possible..??? I've MagicIso s/w. 2nd question, How can i burn win7 on DVD with my Personal folder in same DVD.???
  16. bravo007

    CRM/ERP process consultant or c,c++ developer???

    Hello i have done BE computer science from mumbai university and im having two offers, first as CRM/ERP process consultant in s/w consultancy company & second as C,C++ developer in s/w Company. Im confused about which one i should go far. I don't like coding n i don't enjoy any of the...
  17. iinfi

    how good is software testing as a career

    hi all, i wud like to know how good is s/w testing as a career. i know an answer wud definitely be, "depends on one's interest" a good friend of mine says she is interested in s/w testing as a career. well ... basically i m a core techie who does bits of linux, virtualization n work as a...
  18. TheLetterD

    s/w for divx to itouch

    Hello.... im new @ dis s/w thread....recently i was blocked from the admin. I wud really like to appologise and promise wont repeat a mistake again nyways....my q is that wich is the fastest but still good converter .avi<divx> to a suitable format for my iPod Touch....
  19. rhitwick

    Need a s/w for audio ripping

    Guys I've some FLAC files and want to covert them to OGG/MP3 retaining high quality. Tried Format Factory, its encoding at 320Kbps max, i want at least 500Kbps. Tried another s/w (forgot name) that is also useless. Please guys, do anyone use any such s/w...?
  20. A

    System restore point

    Hi, I have created restore point in win xp proff sp2 after installing xp and reqd. s/w. After that i download many files, s/w from net in next few days. Due some reason i want to restore to that point. I want to know after restoring should it deleted my download stuffs also or it un-install only...
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