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  1. aku

    Win XP installation BOOTEBLE CD

    I've splitstreamed XP SP1 AND SP2 with the i386 folder of winxp pro. Now it did create some files on my HDD. Now the problem is how do i make a booteble WinXP Pro disk with it? where can i get the boot image? And What S/W Can i use to add or delete files form any CAB archive? Is that s/w...
  2. harmax

    how do i find whether my modem has cli

    any s/w 's
  3. iinfi

    if Everything FREE!!

    i v seen a lot of softwares made for Linux ... i v seen that all softwares for Linux platform r freewares ... how will the s/w maker earn money i v decided to start making s/w s n programs for linux platform .... do i have to give everything for free ... well how do i earn a living...
  4. tuXian

    Software Engg. Principles and Open Source

    When most of the open source s/w devp is distributed over the globe then all how will those various s/w development principles hold good? Theoritically then all Open apps should be buggy coz of lack of s/w engg implementation. But its the opposite. So does that mean s/w engg principles are...
  5. F

    Financial accounting s/w needed

    Hey guys! I was in search of a good financial accounting s/w. I know abt d presence of TALLY EES in d indian mkt. But, i wanna know if there's a better accounting software available - indian or foriegn. Is there? Or is tally D BEST???
  6. C

    Need held regarding WML S/W

    Hi! There........ Just wanted a small help from all of you. Can you suggest me some good WML S/W to develop WAP sites. Something similar to Dreamweaver or so. And, can I use my ASP Scripting in WAP Pages so as to process the data and the give out the desired output. Cheerio, Nikhil
  7. Y

    hey! tell me abt this one??

    Do we have a software which can encrypt my Cpp files in a single .exe file & i can access it through dos shell netime & can retrieve back my program .... actually i have a program which does the same but tell me if there is ne such s/w which can help me in this???
  8. K

    S/W To Capture Vidcaps

    Is there a good S/W to capture vidcaps for .avi, mpg, vob, dat, wmv. I used to use VCD Cutter 4.03 but it crashes all the time and does not do well for DiVX movies. Also PowerDVD has the same prob tat u cannot get vidcaps for DivX movies and I got quite a few of them
  9. S

    Internet browsers & ftp s/w.......help !!!!

    Hi guys, can u guys tell me the main differences between mozilla and mozilla firefox ? which is faster and secure ? is opera better that them ? also... can u recommend a good ftp s/w to upload files to my web site. thanks, shehan p.s i use a dialup connection to connect to the net.
  10. hafees

    Which S/W DVD Player is the Best??

    Hi! :) Pls vote for the best s/w DVD player? pls comment about the players.
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