1. J

    Free Accounting S/W ?

    Can you guys suggest me a Free Accounting S/W for managing my personal exp. or for a small business ? Easy to use, ease of getting info. etc. ? Please...
  2. H

    My Phone 6610

    Dear, I want to know any s/w for my mobile phone 6610, that it can copy all the address books, games, ringtones & images... I tried nokia PC suiet (latest version), but it is very difficult to handle, for ringtones & games.... I have CA-42 cable.... Please help me to know to best phone s/w...
  3. wizrulz


    URGENTLY require to know how to convert PDF file sto word files.....suggest any free s/w along with site links....waiting impatiently :cry: :?
  4. startmenu

    Capture audio while playing

    A few months back , a software named "Guitar Tab Audio Capture" or something similar was provided in Digit DVD/CD , but I cannot locate it in my CD/DVD collection now . As the subject suggests , it can record audio while playing it on your PC . I need the particular s/w or any other doing...
  5. startmenu

    Why P2P is no-no

    I have heard that using P2P s/w for sharing things ( donno what can b shared except music,movies ) is not legal . I want to borrow items 4m my friends via these, will it be a problem ?? Some one explain to me which s/w to use. I have heard of KAAZA,LIME WIRE,MORPHEOUS etc provided in DIGIT...
  6. V

    Torrent problem

    Hi friends i am working as trainee i want to download one s/w but for that i have .torrent file suggest me one s/w that download my s/w and s/w should support n/w i mean in my company LAN is setup. we all are connected to server that is at suppose ip XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and it...
  7. H


    Hi, I have 50-60 jpg photos, I want to put in a cd, to view in cd/dvd player. So I need any s/w which not effects the picture quality. Reagrds, Himanshu
  8. nishant_nms

    Horoscope/Kundli s/w

    Please suggest me a good Horoscope software. Also specify it's price. Thanks in advance
  9. Vishal Gupta

    REVIEW : TuneUp Utilities 2006 ! A must hv s/w...

    Guys! I hv seen that many ppl r not aware of the gr8 features, that Tuneup Utilities provides! So I decided to write a small Review on the features of this gr8 s/w!!! At first its not a BIG s/w to d/l, its a very small file of size just 8.67 MB. U can d/l a Trial version from the...
  10. choudang

    How to recover 2 GB space that HDD takes

    as all we know that if we have a 40 GB HDD, we will get 38GB and in 80GB, we get 76GB of space. so. can we recover that 2GB space from the HDD and use them? is there any method to use that space? or ny s/w.
  11. choudang

    converting .chm file to other format

    hey digitians...... i have a another query..... i have some books which are in xyz_html.chm format. now i want to convert them to other formats like .pdf or .doc etc. so How do i do that... is there any s/w to converting them..... these are some imp't to me and i just faded up with the .chm...
  12. choudang

    Language Translation s/w

    i wanna know that is there any s/w to translate russian language to english. if so can you give me a details...... that will be gr8 help..
  13. K

    USB data cable .. pls help N6630

    Hi, My friend got 6630 phone.. but he cant connect dat to computer.. pls anybody tell me the full procedure.. to do so..pls tell me the s/w and also the driver s/w Thanks in advance
  14. K

    need s/w to reduce bitrate of mp3

    hi guys , i need a s/w to reduce the bitrate of mp3 files to be able to transsfer it to my mobile
  15. K

    Which is the Best & Reliable Antivirus S/W?

    Which is the best & Reliable Antivirus S/W that we can download freely
  16. A

    S/W for SE K300i

    Hi Guys, I bought an SE K300i for my brother. I also bought a duplicate cable for connecting it to my PC. The shopkeeper gave me a CD with some S/W. But on installing the S/W and connecting the cable, my mobile was not recognised. I tried SE`s original S/W and it too did not work. Is there...
  17. R

    aiswarya.gif virus

    how we can eradicate a aiswarya.gif boot sector virus from a pc which does not have av s/w>
  18. Vishal Gupta

    How can we know : How much RAM can the system support?

    Guys! Is there ne s/w to know How much RAM can a system support? I mean How can I know that how much RAM my motherboard supports? There should be some s/w, which can tell us after detecting the system h/w that how much RAM we can install successfully?
  19. P


    How do u use ur phone as a modem? Which models support it? Do u need any s/w from airtel and gprs connection? Pls explain in detail... :(
  20. Vishal Gupta

    S/w to check the exact amount of RAM in the system?

    Guys! Is there ne s/w available on net to check the exact amount of RAM in the system? I mean I hv heard that there r many RAM available which shows amount like 128, 256 etc in My computer properties but actually they r not of that capacities and hv only 64 or near about it. (these RAms r...
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