1. B

    Phenom II X4 965 BE temp..?

    Hi, I have AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE and Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3L mobo. I've installed the HWMonitor to see how hot my mobo/cpu gets, but don't What is TMPIN0, TMPIN1, TMPIN2 in HWMonitor..? and why mobo TMPIN2 is always higher..? yesterday it was 69°C, is this the normal temp for TMPIN2..? I've...
  2. S

    Phenom II 965 BE fan noise too high

    I installed a new Phenom II 965 3.4GHz in my motherboard. The fan speed seems to be too high even at idle condition. At idle fan is running at more than 3000RPM with a temp of 38 C and at load (played witcher 2 for a few minutes) it almost reached 6500RPM with a temp of 56 C. (as shown by...
  3. Nipun

    What is Tj Max? And why are my temps fluctuating so much?

    Hello people! First, please tell me what is Tj. Max (not the clothing store! :P) Second, the temperature in Core Temp 0.99.8 is fluctuating too much. The temperature went from 50 C to 71(never went above 64 before), then returned to 60 and again touched 71 2 times. All this happened pretty fast...
  4. kbar1

    Laptop temp range?

    I have a lenovo y560, just back from a month and a half in quarantine. Now it seems to be fine, except for temp. Idling for half an hour. On the desk, with no cooling pad. Cpu temp is 45-50c. Is this normal?
  5. kool

    PC shutting down, Overheating problem!! Help me guys!! ________

    Guys, From last 3 days after 20min. of use of my PC, it shutdown w/o any warning. I checked CPU temp in SPEEDFAN s/w and its showed: GPU: 58C CPU: 71C Right now i'm using a small table fan to keeping cool my system now its back to normal temp. But why this is happening suddenly? GFX CARD...
  6. sukesh1090

    AMD 6670 temperature problem

    guys actually i don't know is it gpu problem or afterburner problem because temp monitoring wondow in AB always shows a peak in between which reaches 127C:shock:.yes 127C.but hw monitor shows the maximum temp as 60C and i never had any problem with my system like BSODs because of gpu or...
  7. B

    CPU temperature reading abnormally high

    Ive have a quad core Q8400. Ive never actually bothered to check the temperature readings and used the intel stock heat sink for about six months. Recently out of curiosity i checked the temperature reading through speed fan and the CPU temp was 121C ....i was dumbstruck and asked my friend a...
  8. P

    What temp. should the sapphire ATi HD 4850 run at idle and crysis?

    What temp. should the sapphire ATi HD 4850 run at idle and crysis? *www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102770&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-RSSDailyDeals-_-na-_-na&AID=10521304&PID=4176827&SID=1gdpw6rd4nkkw this is my card
  9. rahulbalmuri

    abnormal CPU temp... and system won't start..

    abnormal CPU temp... and system won't start..after installing NH-U12P-SE2 i recently bought my Noctua NH-U12P-Se2,... and followed the instructions precisely and installed it onto my Core i5 2500k... after successfully installing it... i turned on my system... it says abnormal CPU Temp..it...
  10. d6bmg

    V6GT & Lexa S combination confusion

    Will CoolerMaster V6GT fit into NZXT Lexa S case? :unsure: Reason for asking: I'm planning for a temp up-gradation of my case.
  11. root.king

    Temperature monitoring software

    hai guys i'm using ASUS P5G41T-M LX motherboard with intel dual core processor its has overclock option in bios but i cant monitor cpu and mobo temp. In windows so if do you guys know any software then plz suggest me thanx
  12. T

    StarCraft 2 Playing Issue

    My Config is in my Sig. I play at Res. 1400x900 with all Settings "Ultra" in Campaign Modes (I dont play Multi) While playing sometimes the Frame Rate really drops at some Places to halt. I want to know what is the Culprit. GTS 250 + C2DE7x Must be able to Run it at ultra with mere...
  13. W

    New HD 6870 card - Issue. Please help

    PFA my brand new config I bought yesterday: i5 2500 Intel DH67BL Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Corsair 1X4GB DDR3 Cooler Master Elite 430 Logitech MK200 BenQ G2222HDL APC Back UPS 600 LG 22X Seagate 1 TB 7200 I used ATI 6870 with latest driver installed. However i experience really annoying...
  14. papashango_cs

    Temp and Fan Rpm seems weird. Help !

    Hii . m using this config amd phenom x4 945 ddr3 4 gb ( 2 x 2 ) W.D 500 gb MSi hd6850 1gb Under stress, (hardcore gaming) The fan speed of the mobo, (6200 RPM) is this normal ? because i can feel/hear alot of Noise ! Idle RPM is btwn 2500 to 4000.. although the temp while gaming...
  15. ashis_lakra

    Safe Temp of proccy

    What is the max safe Temp of IntelCore2Duo E7200 @ 2.53 GHZ ? I have overclocked it to 2.85 GHZ on Stock Intel Cooler and max temp at load was 58° C and Idle 46°C ( used Core Temp 0.99.4). So, how much can i overclock more within safe temperature ? will 70°C be Ok if i overclock it more ?
  16. Debu_013

    AMD Athlon 5200 overheating issue

    I have AMD Athlon 5200 CPU and it has been running quite fine over the last 3 years, but now recently it has developed an overheating issue! Even thought the fan is on at full speed 3200 RPM still the temp is sometimes shooting upto 75-80 degrees while even playing a song, or browing the net...
  17. papashango_cs

    PC temp too high ! ( gfx , mobo , processor)

    hii . m using this config amd phenom x4 945 ddr3 4 gb ( 2 x 2 ) W.D 500 gb MSi hd6850 1gb ---------- My idle temp of gfx card is 47 C @ 0 GPu usage processor temp is 38 C is it normal ? while the temp while gaming is normal - gfx 70 C processor 55 C ... do i need to...
  18. mitraark

    8600GT Heating Up Idle 70 Load 100 C

    i am using 8600GT 256 MB DDR3 with my PC [ the one listed in my Sig ] as i have given the XFX 5670 for RMA , and it is really heating up , the Idle temp is 70 C, and on load it reaches upto 100 C :( Why would it be having such abnormally hight temp ? What can i do to lower them ? Cabinet temp is...
  19. pulkitpopli2004

    30 min of gaming and temp is 60+

    While playing Dragon age2 or NFSHP jst for 30 min.. temp reaches 60+ very easily... here is the attachment of speedFan readings.. what to do now guyz? i think this much temp will definately gonna hurt my rig.. ma room is on top floor.. so generally room temp is not as low as expected in...
  20. User Name

    Need Hardware Temp monitor s/w

    Hi I need a hardware temp monitor s/w. s/w that monitors all temps. CPU, HDD. GPU etc. for win7 should be available on desktop. Any free software?
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