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  • if you can give me the list of the games, i can test it out.
    the ones that i have installed are mini motor racing, zombie soccer, tiger woods, nfs shift, nfs hot pursuit, temple run, extreme skater, fruit ninja, angry birds space... and all of these are super smooth, no lag, no force closes
    Already Incredible S is available at 18.5k at Saholic and I don't they will lower down the price any more, if they do so then also then also the difference will be very less.
    And in July I don't think it will be available anywhere as it has already vanished from local markets and is only available on few websites.
    And I think you should ask only a week or a couple of days before you buy, in July there is a lot of time to go and the market will change by then as we can also see some new mobiles in July
    Hey! I just looked at your speedtest , which ISP are you on and which type of net and how much do you pay ?
    i bought the CX430 in December 2010.. it cost me around 2900 all back then. I found it to be sufficient for my needs.. It didnt break down or blow up or anything!

    I have a Phenom II 955 BE, MSI 9500GT, 2x Seagate HDDs, 1x LG ODD, Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H mobo and Corsair Value RAM 2x2GB modules... No problems with power yet!

    Only, the CX430 V1 is not 80+ certified...
    Thanks for replying on nokia c3 java game question.
    Do you mean that they will run ok or show problem?
    Sorry a bit confused with your answer.

    first of all, i dont have much experience working for named companys. i work in a small firm. you should ask this to elder members of TDF.

    secondly i will be happy to assist you. basically i am a .Net developer. the client tells the firm to build a product with some specifications. the company distributes it module wise to us. and we write it.

    essentially, you write what you are asked to. if you dont know how to, learn it. its up to you how you write the code. what libraries to use, how effecient the code is, known bugs in the system and effects on the system once your code is integrated, what the testers tell you etc...etc...

    there are many classes of programmers. you can be web designer for one proj and tester for another simultaniously. at the basic level you dont have any control of the work assigned

    but then, it is the senario of my place, i dont know much about others but it is centered aroung this idea.

    if your knowledge increses, do tell me too
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