1. A

    Digital camera and temp Drive

    Hello Friends When connecting my digital camera (Canon powershot) to my system (Win 2000) to download images that i have shooted. It does not show as Temp Drive. (like I, J) It requests canon software, window software to download But my prev camera olympus - after connecting it shows...
  2. V

    strange problem

    One of My friends PC Intel Pentium IV 3.0 GHz Intel 865GBF Motherboard 256 MB Ram 80 GB HDD Windows 98SE and Windows XP Pro shows follwing message within 5 minutes of starting any game the same thing happens when he starts visualization in WinAmp Your Processor has exceeded its...
  3. abhi_shake

    FAN and temperature problem

    Yesterday I installed a fan in my pc. When I went in to the BIOS it showed the SYSTEM FAN Speed as 0 RPM, while the CPU Fan Speed at 4866 RPM. I have checked and rechecked and the fan is working properly. WHy is the RPM not coming on the BIOS ?? I also installed a graphics card (Gainward...
  4. N

    OVER HEATING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi , i have 2.8 Ghz , on Intel original 915 , 256 MB 400Mhz ram , 80 GB 7200rpm , i work on Win 2000 and XP , the ideal temp of my Pc is 63-65 degree but when i play Halo in XP and restart i chk BIOS for temp , it shows 67-69 degrees . I have attached an additional fam , but i want to ask...
  5. E

    Beeping Cabinet Woes

    I have a Zebronics LAVA Cabinet (with a 400W PSU). Now, for the uninitiated, the cabinet has an LCD display that gives the internal temperature. It also has provision to start the cooling fans if the temp exceeds the predefined value. (i've set mine at 45 deg. C) Once the temp exceeds this...
  6. C


    hey i recently read this article in this forum (sorry mod cdnt find it again)on the best software to c my comp temperatures ... i d/l "SpeedFan" and the temp it shows are weird : Temp 1 : 38 C (Down arrow) Temp 2 : 37 C (Down arrow) Temp 3 : 38 C (Down arrow, or...
  7. M

    Overheating blues

    I have an P4 2.8 HT processor with Intel 915GAG motherboard. Recently my computer started overheating with processor zone temp crossing 60 C and SYstem Zone 1 temp crossing 50 C. I installed 2 chasis fans on my cabinet . But i havent seen much improvement in the temp. Could the problem be with...
  8. Q

    SubZero Temp Overclocking results of AMD & Intel

    >>>>>>>>>> MY 250th POST <<<<<<<<<< Since this is my 250th post i thought it should be special. Guys just relax and have a look at this results. I have not done this. These are experiments carried by dedicated Overclockers across the world with special phase change overclocking...
  9. N

    CPU Temp. Woes Urgent............

    Three questions------- ------------- What are the prerequisites in a Processor and a Motherboard so that I can monitor my mobo, hdd and cpu temp. plus cpu voltage, fan speeds and alter them to my needs? ------------- ------------- I currently have Intel Pentium 4E-2.4GHZ...
  10. K

    Really Hot CPU

    When I'm using Microsoft Virtual PC and installing Windows XP in a virtual machine, the temperature of my Intel Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz went upto 130 degrees. I have a CPU fan (about 3000 rpm) but the temp goes on increasing. The temp of MotherBoard also went to 55 degrees. Is this normal when...
  11. K

    confused with Temp. of cpu and mobo

    i have asrock 845 chipset mobo and pIV 2.4 prescott, my bios shows the temp of pros. at ~56 and mobo at 36 whle other softs such as speed fan and sis sandra show that pros. at 36 and mobo at 50 whats more murky out there is that in soft mobo temp goes upto 70 while playing games.
  12. K

    what is the ideal temp for CPU?

    hey guys can u tell me what is the ideal temp for CPU i Have a PIV 2.4 prescott. with 845 chipset mobo
  13. K

    any soft for measuring the temp. of mobo and cpu

    guys i know it is a very old and silly post but i need it. can u suggest any soft for measuring the temp. of mobo and cpu, MBM does not work :cry: so.....
  14. mohit

    Tracks Eraser

    hey guyz plz suggest the best FREE internet tracks eraser software which can also erase all my unwanted temp files and all histories of most of the programs installed.
  15. K

    Overclocking Doubts!!

    I have a Intel Pentium IV 1.702 Ghz processor on a VIA technologies MotherBoard with 128 Mb DDR RAM 133 MHz. I overclocked my CPU by increasing the CPU multiplier (or something like that) from 8 to 9 and CPU click speed from 100 to 102 and got a boost of speed to 1.740+ GHz. I further increased...
  16. H

    Problem with gfx card(6600 gt)

    I've use the gfx card XFX geforce 6600gt 128mb ddr3, for two days. the computer goes blank when i run games at high settings. my smps power is 300w. it seems that temp. is the culprit, as it does not happen during q3a or doom 3 but during games like nfs ug, seriuos sam and painkiller. what do i...
  17. A

    Max Temperature for HDD

    What can be the Maximum Temp for Hard Disk? My hard disks Temp goes on til 27degrees C.
  18. P

    Quake 3 FPS drops drastically!!!

    I have an Acer travelmate 240 notebook specs are: P4 2 GHz , 256 MB RAM, i often play Quake 3 on that . Earlier it used to show an FPS of around 90 but since 1 month, after around 15 mins. of play the FPS drops to 30-40 ....... I used 'mobmeter' to know the temp ....it rises to around...
  19. sidewinder

    Incredimail cozing problem

    Whenever I try 2 use incredimail it installs something in the temp dir and after cleaning the temp dir with any soft like sysmech or ashampoo it stops working...can u guys help? or suggest me a mail client that is equally good looking
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