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  • Will you tell me which back Debit card you have used? I just tried to use UBI VISA debit card at the checkout, but the transaction is showing as 'failed'.
    hey bro.. did u sell your msi gtx 560 ti? if yes..y? m also thinking to dump my 560ti as it will be sold for around 11k rite now, i want to upgrade to gtx 670. when 660ti will be launched the prices of 560ti will go down for sure.

    so is it better to sell my 560ti now or lateR?
    SOunds very good. I'll go ahead then & order a few items. Let see how the shipping goes for me.
    How did you pay? Via paypal or via credit card? I have both the option and can use any of them, but I would like to know what will be the safer way?
    And, how is their packaging quality?
    Which medium you choose while buying from DX??
    I'm planning to buy few parts from DX, but was waiting for the advice of people who have already bought.
    Hey dude, you told me to sell the 1GB stick and buy a similar 2GB one. Please tell me at what price should I sell that. I don't want to be fooled by anyone. And I have used that stick for 6 months only.
    hey sorry for the late response , one deal for the card is going on on another forum , if that persons backs out then i will let u know within next 2 days .
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