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  • any idea about minimum rate for samsung galazy s2?
    It is varying from 25 to 27500 everywhere. can i have it IN LESS DEN 25500 INR? Tell me d cheapest nd safe place to buy it..
    ok thanx,
    how much did u paid for hayabusa.
    How much insurence are you paying per a annual year, for bike.
    yup, there is nothing inside my head(or toes, the original position of my mind) :))

    Infact, I used my mind 5 minutes ago, after 10 years!! It was full of dust-sigh!
    many people have tried.... my brain wasn't exploded(it was not with me, it was in locker)....

    But, due to this, other people's brain caught fire..... :rofl:
    Music is ok . Display is good , Hangs very rarely when you run too many applications, Contacts are backed up in Memory card , Speed of phone is good ! My keys are working fine and since i laminated the back it has straches on the lamination and that is because i used it very roughly . I been using this phone for a year and I think this is a VFM product . Plus i got the screen changed for free .
    If touchscreen is not a problem then LG Optimus one or else Look at E5 .

    I survive in Bangalore using C5 GPS ! It is awesome !
    If you want to buy a Nokia phone then it is a good VFM phone . GPS is great service along with others . Camera is decent in day light average in night ! I am not having any issues with it .

    Get Android mate !
    The movie is originally shot in hinglish version. And then dubbed in hindi version. Watch it only in Hinglish version...not much good report for the hindi version.
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