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Need Hardware Temp monitor s/w

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I need a hardware temp monitor s/w.
s/w that monitors all temps. CPU, HDD. GPU etc. for win7

should be available on desktop.

Any free software?


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HWmonitor Pro / HWmonitor ( free )
Everest ( commercial )
Open Hardware Monitor ( free )

- above three can show all of your required system temp in one interface ;-)


all cpu monitor--->windows 7 gadget
but you should have core temp running in background to make it work i guess


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^^core temp / Real Temp / HWMonitor don't support old cpus - they supports cpus starting from dual cores ( though intel D8xx and 9xx series not included )

@ R2K - For monitoring such old cpu temps use Everest Ultimate Edition / AIDA64 Ext. Edition - these are paid apps but if you know the method then you'll be able to monitor the temps with them without any kind of restriction always ;-)
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