1. bkpeerless

    1060 specs all models

    I was researchisg which 1060 to buy came across this . Hope it helps others Model Base clock Boost clock Length (cm) Fans Fanless mode Idle temp Load temp Noise vs F.E. [Idle/Load] PNY 1506 1708 25.0 2 No MSI 6GT OC 1544 1759 24.7 2 No EVGA Gaming 1506 1708 17.3 1 No ZOTAC Mini...
  2. A

    Toshiba MQ01ABD050 500GB

    Hello, I have recently purchased Toshiba MQ01ABD050 500GB hdd (1 month old) but I am having some issues.The temperature reported by crystal disk mark and hdd sentinel is not ok.I have posted image screeenshot. This drive's specifiations shows operating temp 0-55 C But i also dont think...
  3. A

    Radeon hd 5670 temp too high?

    My 3 year old saphire radeon hd 5670 1gb GDDR5 gpu , has a idle temp around 50c and on 100% load has a temp of 76c . Is this normal for this gpu. The ambient temperature around my place is 29 c.
  4. A

    PC shuting down even with a good psu 750W. Phew!

    I recently assembled a new PC. But PC shuts down randomly esp. when I do multitasking. I have also checked my CPU temp and M/B temp. It is normal. I don't know how to solve this. Please help. The following is my pc configuration: 4 GB ram DDR3-1333 64 bit OS i5-333CPU@3 GHz ASROCK B75 M HD...
  5. avichandana20000

    Is my gpu dying?

    I have 6670 1GB DDR5 For the last two days while watching movies or browsing www for half an hour or 1 hr the monitor is flickering sometimes and then suddenly the display goes off and wont come back until i reboot. I have kept the desktop idle but then nothing happens. After two...
  6. amjath

    Zotac GTX 970 non Amp Temp

    Hi guys, So i have been playing GTA 5 and I found massive fps drops. The game freezes at times. So i checked the temps, i found the max temp >75+. Is it safe? The idle temp [when not using gpu intense things] i get is ~41C. My PC is cleaned more than 4 months before. Do you think is it...
  7. A

    Intel i5 4570 users temperature from INDIA

    Hi all i5 4570 users, Please jot down your CPU temperatures during the following modes ( the ones using Stock cooler and the ones using CM hyper 212x or any other cooler please specify ) 1. Idle temps 2. Temp under load during Prime95 & benchmarks 3. Temp during games at ultra ( crysis...
  8. sksundram

    Xolo q800 restarts abruptly

    This occurred today for the first time. The problem seems to do something with Vodafone 3g. I have been a Reliance 3g user for long but recently I changed my location and due to non availability of Reliance signals, I have to opt for Vodafone. While using 3g my phone got hot unbelievably and...
  9. V

    Amd fx8350 high temp

    i have a AMD FX8350 With CM HYPER 212 EVO the idle temp is 42c and while playing BF3 it goes upto 65c :-( I have used the thermal paste which i got with my cm hyper 212 evo which is 2 year old is it because of it ? should i change the paste ?
  10. saz

    FX 8320 overheating problem

    I have recently updated my processor to FX 8320, but yesterday while playing Batman Arkham origins my PC switched off abruptly. After reboot I got an error CPU overheat!!! and in bios when I saw the temp was 81C. Below is my complete config: CPU: FX 8320 Motherboard: Asus 990FX sabertooth...
  11. R

    Pc restart while gaming

    Hi all, Got a new righ 4 days back with this config Amd fx 6300 gigabyte DS3p hyperx blu 8 gb corsair VS550P XFX R9 270x 2gb The pc runs fine in normal use but i start gaming it will automatically switch off. Alswo the idle temp is very high. I am attaching the screenshot to this post...
  12. Bhav

    System shutdown problem

    one of my friend is facing a problem in his system his motherboard model is Asus-p5sd2-vm and processor E2180 Intel Pentium dual core ram 1gb intex power supply 450w lg dvd drive 160gb seagate hdd when ever he start his system it's go's off automatically i have cheek the temp of processor it...
  13. S

    Improving GPU temperature (GTX 680)

    I have a GTX 680 that idles between 33-37c. I'm aiming at 25c idle temp. I already adjusted GPU fan to raise up at certain temps. This is my Automatic fan control properties settings Fan Speed (%) Temperature Fan Speed (%) 1. 30 40 2...
  14. S

    CPU over tremp error

    I get this error while playing game. When PC restarted i saw the temp at 73 degrees. I am using normal fan attached to cpu as cooler. Can any1 suggest any better cooling stuff that can keep my CPU temp normal
  15. true_lies

    c2q temp difference

    i have my intel c2q q6600 clocked currently @2.7 GHz. previously i used to check my temps with Real Temp GT (ver 3.7). The idle temps remained between 55 and 60 C during the summers without A/C. I was looking to overclock it further to @3 GHz. Recently i installed SpeedFan (ver 4.49) as well...
  16. P

    amd fx 6300 oc. help needed.

    my system spec.: * amd fx 6300 * cm hyper 212 evo. * asus m5a97 r2.0. * kingston hyper x 1600mhz 1.65v 2x4gb. * gainward gtx 660ti. * tagan stone rock 600w. * cm elite 371 usb3 with 1 back fan (outlet) 1 side fan (inlet) 1 front fan (inlet). i oc'ed my cpu to 4ghz using only...
  17. C

    Need advice to buy a 1.5 ton AC

    Hellos Everyone ! Just joined forum yesterday. I Need AC for my room : Length X Breadth X Height : 18 ft X 10 ft X 10 ft (with one 10 ft X 10 ft wall and rooftop exposed directly to sunlight) windows : 6ft X 6 ft Budget : 40k (Stretchable) Usage : About 4 months only in...
  18. sysfilez

    Pls Pls all the hardware geeks come to resue.

    PC Config: AMD Phenom X3 8650 Tricore 2.3Ghz Mobo Asus M3A78-EM Memory 1GB x 2 in Dual Channel Seagate 500GB HDD PSU Corsair CX500 Other Devices: One D-Link DFE 520TX PCI fast Ethernet Adapter. Normal CPU Temp is 50deg C approx Mobo Temp is 45deg C approx OS - Windows 7 Ultimate...
  19. R

    Is this temp correct after OCing?

    I am having AMD X4 635 processor and Gig 785 mobo. I have OC it to 3.4 ghz by changing the settings in Mobo. Pls tell if these temp. are OK.
  20. S

    laptop CPU overheating

    my laptop is HP G6-2016TX, with intel ci5-3210m and ati 7670m lately when i play games on it, the cpu temp reaches to about 100 C and the max temp prescribed of this processor is 105 C(source:notebookcheck). As a result the fan Speeds up and freaks me out. and its not that i am playing very...
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