1. M

    CPU heating issue

    I have just changed my MoBo (as in my signature). I had to remove and re-install the processor (for obvious reason) and I used Cooler Master X1 Extreme Fusion as TIM. But I found that the temp. of the processor always remained at mid-40s to mid-50s centigrade - even in this winter. Under load...
  2. sukesh1090

    HD 6670 temperature inquiry

    I have a MSI 6670 with two fan cooler.those fans were making hell lot of noise even after disabling one.so yesterday i removed the cooler now it has only the aluminium heatsink over it no fans.basically now it is passively cooled.now my idle temp is 42C and load temp is 80C for 1 hour gaming.so...
  3. Moy

    Need help

    My system has a peculiar problem...when the cpu temperature goes above 63 degree cent.(at even 95% load) the system shuts down with a BSD. I know my motherboard has an overheating protection but the threshold temp. is not 63deg c. What should I do? How to change the threshold temp. ? Should I...
  4. edvin_158709

    ASUS 6850 Graphic Temperature

    Hi Friends, I have been searching for possible solutions for my issue on my GPU temperature but there have been mixed responses, i have attached my screenshot and with aware of suggestive measure, i have already done through cleaning of my graphic card, placed a 120MM fan parallel to it an even...
  5. C

    My Rig... Maximus-WC.

    Hi guys, This is my Rig. I built the rig way back in '09. Most of the components are over 3 years old, except RAM, SSD and GPU. The mobo would've been also if not for a lightning strike on local phone junction taking out the mobo along with the router supplied by BSNL, back in '10. So I...
  6. K

    Overheating graphics card ...

    Am a noob just trying my hand at CS source on my ageing comp. Need your help to fix heating issues with my graphics card ... Specs are as follows Processor - AMD athlon x2 6000+ 3.00GHz Motherboard - Asus M2N68-AM plus RAM - transend 2gb 800mhz Graphics - Nvidia GT220 I...
  7. rohit32407

    Is 56 Degrees PCH Temp Normal?

    My current config is in the Signature. My PCH temp is 56 degrees right from the moment i start my PC. Is this normal? I have 2 fans at the moment 1 in rear for exhaust and 1 in front for intake. If this isnt normal then what can be done to lower it? Motherboard temperature hovers around 41...
  8. H

    Laptop temp 71 c

    my laptop temp goes upto 71c during gaming ... is this good????
  9. S

    Is My laptop temperature normal?

    I have dell XPS 15 L502X.It used to show about 65 C temp while playing games like crysis 2.Nowadays even while browsing internet it shows 75-80 C.Is it normal? or maybe its bcoz of weather as its above 42 C in Punjab.Btw i use HW monitor.. When i use it in AC room the temp drops to 47-53 C..
  10. d6bmg


    Went on to buy F&D A520, but bought Edifier C2. lol. Temp test setup: :|
  11. R

    GPU temperature too high!!

    Hey guys, i have a zotac gtx 560 ti reference card, the temp. while gaming goes too high for my liking. Room temp -35c-38c Cpu temp on load -61c :-D (thanks to hyper 212 evo) Gpu temp on load -92c :x My cable management is not that great, but still 92 is too...
  12. B

    i5 3550 temperature problem

    hi i recently brought a new cpu with i5 3550 and asus h77 mobo... iam using coretemp to monitor cpu temperature.. at load cpu is 93 celsius which is high. what should i do to decrease my cpu temp??!!? my old core i3 540 was 65 celsius at load. help me out guys. :( :oops:
  13. sharang.d

    Are these temperatures nromal?

    Are these temperatures normal? IDLE: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 DG31PR Also what's AUXTIN? Why is it at such high temp?
  14. bloodlife

    CPU & Graphic Card Cooler

    Hi, I'm Starting my query as new thread as suggested by TDF members :boink:.. since the old thread contained most of the old stuff.. 4 the ref.. *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/pc-components-configurations/150418-need-mid-range-config-within-35k-budget.html I want to reduce the core temp...
  15. G

    Temperature of the laptop?

    Hello, to all of you. I have HP DV'6 laptop, the configuration of the laptop is core i5 450M, 6GB ram, 500 gb hdd(7200 rpm), 1 gb 5650 graphics card and all the other essential features.Actually, I am facing a very strange problem, although my laptop runs very cool, its normal temp is around...
  16. dibya_kol

    Is my idle temp too high ?

    hi all, don't know is this the proper section to ask this question or not. I had installed cm hyper 212 evo couple of weeks back and i was busy for a few days so unable to monitor my cpu temp. But last night i noticed that my idle cpu temp at hardware monitor is arround 48-50c(i5-2500k...
  17. prankie

    Are these temps safe!?

    Hi, I just upgraded to AMD 1090T processor, complete config is in my signature. I use Hyper 212+ cooler and Arctic MX2 thermal paste, despite this setup my cpu's temperature as observed in AMD overdrive and HW monitor reach 62 degress! Are these temp safe? I'm attaching screenshot when the cpu...
  18. S

    How to deal with temp file in window 7?

    Hello Everyone, I'm naive user for windows 7 operating system and I don't have an idea how to deal with temp file? Please help me. Thanks in advance!
  19. bajaj151

    Overclocked 1055T : Temperature ok or not

    I overclocked 1055T to 3.75Ghz by bumping FSB (no change in voltages) It's running fine from last 3 days...I did Prime test also (3hrs) Temp : 12-15 degree (On load : Max 28 degree) (Using Hyper 212 EVO Push Pull Config) Is temp. fine ?
  20. mikael_schiffer

    Windows 7 TEMP User Account problem.

    I am currently logged in as my admin account named "DELL", running Windows 7 However the icons, wallpaper,layout etc has changed and it looks like that of a newly created account.I created a new "Test Account"User profile and logged in it and it looks the same as my current "DELL" User...
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