1. montsa007

    MTS Mblaze - Whats wrong with them today!?

    I recharged yesterday for 1298/- (Unlimited, FUP @ 15GB @ 3.1Mbps after which 144Kbps) I have been pulling my hair since yesterday, I feel like torture browsing on this ISP!? Anyone experience the same thing?
  2. C

    ASUS P53E-S0101D Review

    Hello Guys, I am writing this review after using the laptop for 7days. Here is main ppoints i wanna discuss about this product. * Build Quality and Feel * Look * Performance * Display * Battery Life * Other Stuffs Specification: Processor 2nd Generation Core i5 Variant 2430M Chipset Mobile...
  3. JojoTheDragon

    Religion, do we really need it ?

    Religion, you are familiar with it. You may call yourself Hindu, Muslim, Christian..etc..etc. But do we really need religion ? Is one's conscience not enough ? Is the simple belief "God is real " not enough that you need to go further and say that I'm "XYZ " religious ? I feel that Religion has...
  4. R

    Please help me to get a proper degree.

    Hi everybody, I have done a three year dilpoma course from a polytechnic way back in 2004-07.56% is what I have got.Then I took this foolish decision of not doing Btech(mainly because of my high percentage, parents also were not that much interested) and did MCSE and CCNA and wanted to pursue...
  5. R

    Planning for GALAXY NOTE..shud i wait or go for it?

    Hi all, I had been pondering over which android Smartphone to buy, for some 5 months so far. My priorities are 1. Large screen..( I mean it.. larger than 4.3") 2. High speed processor/gpu... 3. Feature rich….particularly high speed GPS lock and go, as I travel to new places a lot 4...
  6. sygeek

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

    I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. yRk5B3pRh4g Does anyone else feel as nostalgic as me? Time to play this game again :D
  7. Krow

    Today I understood why people buy headphones...

    ...and I only listened to the Audio Technica M20 for F.I.V.E. minutes. My Brainwavz M1 just cannot, I repeat, can not give me the same: Sound quality Impact Depth Width Premium feel (coiled, thick cable) Polished looks Spongy comfort Words have failed me. I cannot enclose my...
  8. lordirecto

    Suggest me a Gaming Mouse please

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the section to post for Gaming Mouse help. Please feel free to move this thread to the correct location. As for the help I need, I want to buy a Gaming Mouse. My budget is 3500/-. The games I play are MOBA, Adventure and RTS(occasionally). And also for daily...
  9. B

    Hard disk vibration

    The vibration started a couple of weeks back. It starts at boot up and continues. Temperatures are normal 28-30 degrees. Physically touching it, its vibrating a good bit. The vibration is so bad, I can feel it on the case, desk and keyboard. Its a WD 500GB SATA3 bought in July. Could...
  10. Rockstar11

    Is Bsnl broadband speeds increased by 100%?

    it said that "Unlimited Broadband plans speed increased by 100%" Is anyone feel extra speeds?
  11. damnthenet

    Is it wise to buy Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V?

    Hi friends, I had been planning to buy a good android smartphone to replace my N70 (Yes. The same old Nokia N70 :-D ) for over 3 months and searching for the optimum phone with the following features: 1. HD Video recording and LED flash for still photos 2. Good screen size (at least 3.7...
  12. N

    Suggest In-ear headphones

    My current Creative Ep630 went Manmohan Singh yesterday. I need to buy new In-ear headphone for my Samsung Galaxy S. Max budget is 2000/- , want excellent audio quality.Noise cancellation. etc. No compromise here. I listen to all types of music. I want decent bass so that i can feel it , not...
  13. N

    how do u feel when u r down in game?

    Participate in poll guys :)
  14. DarkDante

    Steelseries Ikari vs Razer Deathadder

    Title says all,some advice please. Which one? Ps- i find the MX518 a bit large, will the ikari feel the same too?
  15. funkysourav

    Lightheadedness, Nausea while playing Borderlands?

    Hi guys I just want to know does anyone else feel lightheadedness/nausea while playing Borderlands? i cant even play it more than half an hour without straining my eyes:( i tried a fix but it doesn't help at all just want to know if anyone else is facing this issue, is the game at...
  16. Jaskanwar Singh

    This Generation - Your Favorite Card

    as you know guys this accelerator generation is going to get just some final touches like HD6790 and GT530 hopefully. so vote for the card that you think - is your favorite of this season and deserves a mention in this series and 'i want it by any means!!' :-P happy voting. feel free to post...
  17. Faun

    Moments that made you guilty or proud [possible spoilers]

    Share your moments in any game, only one moment per post and please stick to the topic. I was browsing the internet today and came to know that I got Bad Ending in Metro 2033. I could have saved the Dark Ones. Khan warned me to be careful about the choices I make. Even he told me to...
  18. webgenius

    Hate TechTree reviews

    Folks, look at this review on TechTree. CLICK HERE The reviewer Prasad Naik says that having Windows 7 as OS on the phone itself is a con. Now who can agree with that? This guy always comes up with stupid reviews like that. I feel those reviews are completely biased, and positive reviews...
  19. furious_gamer

    Cities in Motion 2011 - Review

    If you played the Sim Cities 3000 and the successor, then at first it might feel like the replica of the game, but it is not. It's all about controlling Transportation for a Metro. This game is developed and published by Paradox interactive, a Sweden based firm. The system requirements look...
  20. arpanmukherjee1

    Stuff i'd like to share with developers/programmers

    considering how we as developers/programmers/enthusiasts feel when we were stuck at a program for frustratingly long time and one day, out of the blue, a pretty simple topic or web-site resolves that issue, as if it was nothing. the happiness i feel cannot be expressed. some links that are...
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