1. quan chi

    mouse problem please help.

    guys please help. my mouse got some problem therefore i replaced it logitech same type. The new mouse says that it has 2.5x more response than other ones and have 1000dpi HD support. now the problem is i feel the new mouse is way faster though i somehow controlled the speed from control...
  2. J

    Samsung Galaxy 3 vs LG Optimus One

    ≡ ≡ ≡ Samsung Galaxy 3 vs LG Optimus One ≡ ≡ ≡ Guys while my hunt for a good budget andriod was just about to end on galaxy 3, suddenly LG have started playing with my mind again :-D. The phone which will really give a run for galaxy 3 would be LG optimus one. I feel if LG can come up with a...
  3. V

    N8 opinions ??!!!

    hey..this is vishu from Hyd..i've been dying to buy the N8 for quite sometime now but the only thing keeping me back is the amount of negative reviews i've been seeing lately..mind you that I am a huge nokia fan and been my using N95 8gb close to 3 years now...I just need a few things clarified...
  4. furious_gamer

    Our company restricted mobile phone usage!!!!

    Yes, you read it right. They restricted the usage and we have to surrender our mobiles at reception. But we can make calls if we want, but the thing is we need to go to reception, get the phone and talk. So we almost lost the memory that we have a cell phone while in office. Now, for...
  5. H

    Buying a camera this diwali

    hi, i wanna buy a camera this festive season. Any brand can do but it should be of good quality and sturdy. Budget - Rs.15000 max i want a camera which gives some feel of dslr manual controls but at this price, so super zoom is the category I am looking at. Features like geotagging or...
  6. F

    how to convert a youtube video to hd

    i have downloaded a video and convert into HD we made a video for an event and uploaded in youtube ..but we want it convert to hd i it possible the format says 3 gp will that be possible:?: YouTube - RCB FEEL THE HEAT
  7. sam9s

    Saving Private Ryan - BluRay Exclusive Review

    Saving Private Ryan SPR is as all know a depiction of events loosely based on true facts during the WW II, where a team is sent to rescue a soldier and bring him back home. DESCRIPTION SPR is probably one of the most anticipated and waited movies on BluRay along with LOTR trilogy ...
  8. kalpik

    The Galaxy S thread!

    After months of whining, on Sunday (4th July), I finally bought the Galaxy S for 28k :) The phone is awesome! So thin and light! The screen is to die for! As there are already sooo many reviews out there, I won't be doing one.. But if anyone has any questions regarding the phone, feel free to...
  9. FilledVoid

    Sometimes I feel like stabbing Cellular Service Providers...

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Enough Said?
  10. onlyabhi

    DIGIT CTC 2 Discussion

    :flamewar: Hi Friends! Lets have a great time again by playing CTC 2. We all had a great time in Feb when sleepless nights & crackling moments made us enjoy so much. This is the time to feel the heat again.. oops its summer.. no worries, feel the thrill running down your spine...
  11. The Conqueror

    Best Pizza Brands

    And The best pizza brand is... Dominos PapaJohns Pizzahut Other - Please specify If you ordered online/telephone please mention the time taken for delivery. ---------- Post added at 03:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:33 PM ---------- I feel PapaJohns and Pizza hut are the best as...
  12. the.kaushik

    Copy the look and feel of any site and add your innovative touch to it

    This is an old tutorial which i wrote long back and today while i was going through my archive posts I came across it. I thought of posting it here as i do with many of my tutorials. This should help some of the new web designers and help them create something innovative. While some may...
  13. Faun

    Prototype = (Spiderman + GTA + Bloodrayne 2)

    What a frikkin retarded game with awesome combos but stoopid AI. Combined with mindless destruction there is no morality or so on developers side to send infinite waves of enemies. Why do I feel bored with new games ? Assassin Creed was one hell of a boring game and same about this bugger...
  14. T

    Upgrade under 12K

    Components to Upgrade: 1. New HDD as Current 320 is near full. 2. 2 GB DDR2 800 adding to my current 2GB. Also Switching to 64 Bit OS so 4 gb will make more sense as games will run faster. 3. New GFX Card. Current is 8600GT and its OLD for the current Games So need to Upgrade. Current Config...
  15. themadman

    For Sale HTC Tytn 2 going cheap !

    I have almost a year old HTC Tytn II for sale. The market price for this is 30000 rs. I am giving it away for only 13000 shipped. Sorry for the pics they are from my webcam which is all I have at the moment. I feel very sad to be parting with this phone since it is very dear to me. Especially...
  16. Z

    Do you use email on your phone?

    "Do you use email on your phone?". While a lot of people feel that it's an absolute necessity to have email anytime, anywhere. Some feel that it's too complicated to set up their emails on mobile or access multiple accounts. We would like your opinions. So, don't just give us a 'yes' or 'no'...
  17. jxcess3891

    Very Good! Indian Team is out of WT20

    Yahoo! chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe! Today is the happiest day of my life! I am very happy, the indian cricket team is out of the world cup! Yes! I feel like dancing! I feel like singing! I am luving it!
  18. ionicsachin

    FS:3 days old iPhone 3G 8GB(Airtel)

    Hii friends, I purchased Apple iPhone 3G 8GB three days back from Airtel Relationship Center for Rs. 31000. Initially i was very pleased and satisfied by the phone. But now i feel it isn't for me as I feel kind of restricted with iTunes syncing and other things. I just feel...
  19. the.kaushik

    Wii Console and accessories for sale <Pref. Bangalore>

    Wii Console 2 Wii remotes + nunchuks Wii Carry bag Game: Zelda Game: Rayman's Raving Rabbits Game: Wii Sport Game: Wii Play Australian model - so, no power conversion required. Non-modded - so, you are free to choose how you want to go with this. I think I am quoting too...
  20. S

    Bioshock 2 debut gameplay video

    Awesome gameplay, the dark environment with the flashlight gave a DOOM-3 feel to it.. *www.gametrailers.com/player/47807.html
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