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  • Yeah dude no problem. Take your time but do let me know when you will be able to get back with me.Hope you have some beauties for me :D Can't wait :D
    Thanks for the reply.
    I will try with my Sansa Clip to see any changes.

    I mostly use FLAC files , I just love their clarity. But this one produces artificial bass at times even when it's not there. I guess , I will have to try playing songs with good highs initially to lower it down ( in break-in).
    I don't have much experience with External amps. , so I was wondering if there will be any significant difference if I use an amp. with these ?? They have 16mm drivers!
    Buddy , any views on the Sony MDR XB90EX IEM ?? I purchased them recently , but the sound is very muddy with too much lacking highs , and not so punchy bass.
    Although , it's just been few hours of listening and burning only.

    Do these IEMs really change their sound signature drastically after 100+hrs of Burn-in ?? And if there's any particular frequency range , I should consider playing for improving the sound signature to make it more clearer/detailed ???

    Although , the initial impression out of the box was good , I mean very impressive. But then after few hours of playback it just seems very ordinary.
    Wow. Just now I noticed that you are a Mod now.. Congratulations(belated).
    When the fu*ck did you become mod? do you even have the time? :OOOO
    You wrote simply awesome here
    I Didn't posted this there cuz I already got banned for posting so called "offtopic spam" :D
    LOL But +1 for that ;)
    PM me the essential details reqd for the amount to be transferred.
    I probably would be taking the DN-18 and the E30. Would 2500 be enough ?
    Book those both for me. Also, if u are willing to sell any other IEMs, just tell me. In that case, I might have to rethink on my choices.
    In that case, I am taking the e30.
    But I ll pay only after u ve sold the xe200, just to make sure I dont miss out on the xe200. Hold the e30 for me untill u've sold the xe200. Is that OK ?
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