1. A

    Has laptop ram prices increased?

    I feel like I saw 4gb transcend at around 1.5k and 8gb around 2.6-3k or was I just dreaming. I also feel like I saw G.SKILL RIPJAWS at extremely low price.
  2. I

    Intel CPU 100 degree temperature

    Hi, I have following case Desire | Cabinets | Intermediate | Zebronics - Always Ahea (many pics there of it's inside) Recently got my intel stock cooler replaced by intel . Now I am getting very bad cpu temp under load. Cpu temps reaches near 90-100 degree within 2 min. I have tested...
  3. krish_techie

    Wedding Photography

    Okay so this might be off topic. But i can't find any other place to post it.Please feel free to divert this to any other relevant place.So we are looking for some wedding photographers for a wedding in August. So do you guys know any photographers in and around Hyderabad,Chennai or Bangalore...
  4. G

    My Husband And I Are Thriving Muslim Professionals In India. We Have Only Felt Acceptance

    By Dr Sofiya Rangwala And then she posted this. She was accused of being a Hindu pretending to be a Muslims..then one of her batch mate came to FB and vouched for her.
  5. A

    How much should I tip my hair stylist

    Hi , I get my hair cut done at Essensulas(sub brand of tony &guy) . I usually pick out offers from Groupon /news paper. So the usual charge is 150-200 for hair cut +shave+wash done by a senior stylist . How much is the usual tip, I feel I could make him feel offended by paying him less so I...
  6. N

    Online Computer Delivery Store

    Hi Guys, A few days go I posted a PC Builder Thread. DesCom Systems is my startup, same like DigitalStorm,NCIX PC. etc. Instead of ordering single components online you can order a full fledged ready to plug-n-play PC. I've kept the prices low on par with FK and SD(there is very little...
  7. sling-shot

    The Verge - such heavy much site why?

    I notice that The Verge is very heavy for my browser (Firefox) on both my old desktop as well as my netbook. Scrolling is slow etc. What makes that particular website like that? Is it because it loads lots of content or it has too many animations? Comparatively Ars Technica does not feel heavy...
  8. D

    Should I buy a PS3 now?

    Hi, I had built my first gaming pc few months back and It handles everything I throw on it. I used to game a lot in starting but now I do not feel like gaming on PC and using the chair. I have a 42 inch TV in the living room and have a good sofa on which I can sit comfortably. Should I buy a...
  9. Flash

    Being an INDIAN, when do you feel HAPPY and HATE?

    Being an INDIAN, when do you feel HAPPY and HATE?
  10. srkmish

    I feel movies have reached a level of saturation and boredom with respect to special effects

    While watching iron man 3, when Tony Stark handles the touchscreen interface in his office with his hands, its supposed to be like "Cool" , but that technology is already a reality( maybe not in that detail). Kinect can manage that UI if someone codes it that way. Similarly, other cool...
  11. .jRay.

    (Urgent) Fan not working.

    I have a Z580 laptop running Windows 8, since the last 3 or 4 days , the fan does not work, i cant hear any noise nor i can feel any air coming out of the vent. the laptop heats way too much because of this. please provide a solution.
  12. G

    How to overcome anxiety and depression?

    Hi all, I started this thread for asking some tips to overcome these issue. Anxiety-Whenever i face a problem , my mind gets negative thoughts of failure. For eg When iam at home, i get anxious when i hear some people outside calling or vehicle goes by. I feel sometimes that some bad thing...
  13. D

    :( :( lg optimus l9:( :(

    alrite i bought my lg optimus l9 recently..The reason i bought it was becos of many good reviews from TDF users like(sam,furiousgames,tkin)..... im not satified with the phone...now i feel bad and i think i should have gone for some Xperia model..reasons are many firstly the audio...
  14. S_V

    Please Give your Opinion on this TV Samsung Plasma E550 51"

    Hello Guys, How are you all? Cousin and me planning to Buy Samsung E490 3D 43" HD Ready (41,500 with Blu-Ray player) and SAMSUNG E550 3D 51" FULL HD (67,500) Respectively. Links for Specifications : E550 and E490. Please feel Free to give your opinions only If you know exactly what you are...
  15. akhilc47

    WANT TO BUY 2.1 SPEAKER FOR LAPTOP [[5k 'max']]

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new speaker for my laptop (inspiron 15r se). I already have a creative t6160 5.1 speaker for my desktop. But now that I'm in hostel I need something good for my laptop. I'm not much of an audiohead and I don't quite feel any difference between my 5.1 creative above...
  16. A

    Wireless Keyboard and mouse compatibility question

    I recently bought a Dell WM112 wireless mouse (for sony vaio notebook with windows 8). Now I am feeling the need to buy a wireless keyboard as I feel comfortable using external monitor (plasma) thru hdmi. (In the hindsight, I feel it would have been better if I had bought a keyboard/mouse...
  17. K

    Need good Sound system for my TV/Laptop/HTC One X/Blue-Ray DVD Player

    Hi Guys, I know there have been n number of posts in this forum discussing about low end to high end speaker systems and seriously I have gone through a lot of them + a lot of threads from other forums too but still confused. Actually I want a speaker set which could accomodate my TV ( AOC 40"...
  18. R

    AMD Phenom 960T unlocking

    Today i unlock my 960T into a pentacore cpu (with six core its not restarting), its running nice, no hang or restarts but i have few questions: 1) Now its TDP reached upto 161W, what does it mean(earlier it was 103W) 2) Does it consume more electricity 3) Am i feel gain in processing power...
  19. V

    My indie racing game

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum. I have developed a Unity3D game. It is a rally racing game, check it out here : XPro Rally - Xpro Rally Please feel free to comment or give suggestions! :)
  20. H


    want to buy a nice earphone under Rs. 500(yes i know budget is a bit tight).. i shortlisted 2 of these from my initial research on internet: 1- SoundMagic ES-18 2- JBL TEMPO (earbud) Please help me in choosing between these two or if there are other better models availaibe within my...
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