1. K

    Check this software!

    Hi I'm an 18 year old boy. I have developed a software that has been rated with 3 stars by tucows.com. I want you people to have a look at it and tell me how you feel! The name of the software is iMeXoR - Video Image Extractor, it can extract images from video files! So go check it... :D the...
  2. godsownman

    Digital Camera.

    I am thinking of purchasing a digital Camera can anybody guide me as to which are the good brands and what are the points to concentrate on when purchasing a camera . What should be the resolution also . Please let me know whatever you feel.
  3. L

    256 kbps conx speed?

    hi, i have Airtel 256kbps unlimited connection. but i seem to dl only at 23 KB per sec as the maximum. it oscillates somewhere between 20 and 23 only. it ought to be 32, thou it cant be perfect, i should atleast get around 28 i feel. do any of u have the same problem or how did u overcome it...
  4. D

    Browser Fanboyism !

    With ever growing threads related to browser wars & lame fanboy's I thought sharing this piece of info again wont be a bad idea.I had posted it in the forums earlier in one of the browser threads but I couldnt find it,anyways I hope people gain something from it. The below is a article written...
  5. mayneu

    problem installing Xandros

    hi guys, does any one in the world can solve my problem regarding the installation of Xandros 2.0? 1st i would like to tell u my system configuration..... p4, 1.6GH,128 mb rd ram,dvd drive.....so on..... i have made an attempt to install on 4.5 gb and 9.5gb space drive...in both the cases it...
  6. H


    Hey i installed knoppix 3.6 and was hearing mp3 for a while ..then after a half hour or so mp3 not playing.. i checked the sndconfig and it says soundcard "currently" not supported .. ****************************** But the mp3 were playing as usual after a restart .. I also feel the...
  7. rohan

    Just made my website

    I've just made my website and wanted if everybody could see it. Do writer what you feel. the website is : *www.tritium-studios.co.nr I'm just 14 years old. Do remember. Thanx
  8. G


    Hey fellas, me and my friend just cleared the last stage of IGI 2 for walkthrough or help of any sort feel free to mail me at rishabh882003@yahoo.com. whew IT WAS A TOUGH GAME!
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