Planning for GALAXY NOTE..shud i wait or go for it?


Hi all,

I had been pondering over which android Smartphone to buy, for some 5 months so far.

My priorities are
1. Large screen..( I mean it.. larger than 4.3")
2. High speed processor/gpu...
3. Feature rich….particularly high speed GPS lock and go, as I travel to new places a lot
4. Great looks ..indeed

After going through reviews of multiple websites (particularly cnet) I sorted out two Smartphone..

They are HTC sensation XL and Galaxy note..
Though the music quality in HTC with Beats headset, t
he UI and the trendy looks are exceptionally superb, I feel it's powerhouse is not really that powerful to handle graphic rich games and is not worth the money, which left me with only one choice.


Galaxy note has been around for some 5 months and I had been tracking its reviews and popularity from that time. Had hands-on demo several times. The slow-staggering UI sometimes makes me feel tat its not worth it, compared to the smooth UI of iphone that makes me feel so real. The decade old looks spoil the aesthetics as well. But still it satisfies every other priority of mine (Particularly the superfast GPS lock with GLONASS paired with A-GPS and smooth processing of intense graphics while playing games) with an added advantage of S-Pen which ain't that smooth and responsive, but works fine with little bit of getting-used-to-it stuff.

Everything has been set and I am all ready to buy this big thing in few days.
Now that the rumors of Galaxy S3 is going around the web and the recently leaked specs is making me roam around in the state of dilemma.

I hope it will be the most powerful and attractive phone once its released.
Expected its release this MWC but ended in disappointment.
I am sure that its not gonna be released atleast this half of 2012 and am in a dire need of Smartphone within next 3 months.

Now my question is..

Can I go ahead and buy the galaxy note now?

Is galaxy note future proof and worth its money we put in it? Will it stay ahead of other phones in quality and features atleast till the release of s3?

Or should I wait for long long time and give a shot for S3?


Sensation XE seems to better than XL in terms of specs.
So you have a look at XE.
Note is a very good device and is worth every penny.If you want a buy a phone now only then choose anyone among XE and Note.
If you can wait then soon(hopefully in 1st week of April) there will be HTC One X but will be priced for not less than 35k(I hope) but it is worth waiting for.It has a Tegra 3 quad core processor.The best processor till date and a very good display and the other specs are also very good.


Thanks a lot. I wonder wat the price of one X will be.. I hope it to hover above 38k.. If its avail for 35 then i wud be the first one to book it..Great specs...!!!!


Cyborg Agent
i would say "wait" and get a phone with ICS. Q1 is not the right time to buy phone. MWC is going on and good devices are coming up with ICS on it. I think it will hit Indian market by April.


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Note vs Other devices,note is completely different from all its competitors and if you are happy with the large size then its note at that price range,now that the MWC concluded wait for price of the new devices to be out and then you will decide..........


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Mobile world congress.



So far in MWC the exciting big mobiles that cud make Galaxy Note bow down are
HTC one x
LG optimus 4x

Further deep down research on HTC one X revealed the following.

One X has just 1800 mAh battery and is not removable. Though Tegra3 is battery effecient with a dedicated core for battery management, i dont feel there'll be enough juice for hardcore users like me..
One X has no FM Radio antenna(as per specs and user reviews from GSM arena).
One X does not receive signals from GLONASS which galaxy note does.
GLONASS along with A-GPS helps in Super fast GPS position lock just like a dedicated GPS device does. We dont have to wait, to start the car as we do now on just A-GPS phones till we get the GPS lock.
OneX lack 'wifi direct' which i really need to stream the contents of my phone to my HDTV or take print by pairing it with my wifi printer or to transfer contents 'to and from' my Laptop or to other wifi devices.
One X lacks USB on the Go which i need to view the docs vids and pics in my pen drive and edit them on the go for my next meeting PP presentation.

Moreover if Sensation XL cud cost 36k INR minimum, then One X cud cost 39K or more which is not practical and this phone is not worth it.

LG phones are not worth the buy from the beginning of time.. So its naturally out...

As single core phones are expected to dominate the market for another year or so coz of their price, one can expect the apps and games developed for another few yrs will better work smooth in dual core phones (P.S.. GTA 3 which i hope is the Big and more Graphics thirsty game, is awesome and smooth in sensation XL which is runs on single core). I hope, practically there will be no need for a quad core as of now(for those with big wallets can go for it on the other hand).

Waiting for the benchmark results of these quads..

In every other aspect except processor and attractive UI, Galaxy note stays ahead(not to mention the revolutionary S-Pen and best in class organizer)...

Waiting for a real phone till the end of Q1..i mean fully loaded just lik galaxy note..

Tomoro is the last day for MWC.. Lets wait and watch if there is really one..
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