Moments that made you guilty or proud [possible spoilers]


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Share your moments in any game, only one moment per post and please stick to the topic.

I was browsing the internet today and came to know that I got Bad Ending in Metro 2033. I could have saved the Dark Ones.

Khan warned me to be careful about the choices I make. Even he told me to understand the anomaly, and hence showed that anomaly wasn't hostile to others provided you do understand it.

The librarians were not hostile, they were just a bit territorially aggressive and saved me from the winged one (though it was by chance). Show them that you are not a threat to their territory and they will not harm you.

Not everything is meant to be shot. I got past the mutants using stealth and they didn't care much.

And the Dark Ones reaching to me freaked me out but they were just trying to reach out to us.

I feel sorry that I didn't stop the missiles trigger in time and let them die.

This quote makes me feel so bad.
"If we don't end wars, wars will end us."

This game is absolutely awesome in presentation. I will replay it again and this time good ending for sure.

Now share yours.
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when i was playing GTA IV at a point i had two choices- kill playboy or dwayne...for some reason i opted to kill dwayne & i went to his house..only one old hobo came out to beat me with a stick 7 i shot him down. then i gunned down Dwayne. i felt really bad after that, having to kill a defenseless guy like dwayne when i could have easily killed playboy, who was the real villain among the two.


^^btw i killed playboy and it was hard

well i dont have any guilty moments in games right now(or i'm not able to recall one)
though i have a proud moment and here it goes

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R SOC we had the choice to either help the scientist by joining the E-Conscious project
i dont know exactly what is aim was....but i had enough bad feeling about it
so i decided to not help those scientists and as i chose that option i was left in the pool of radioactive ground surrounded with CNPP help by monoliths fighters
their only task was to kill any other faction member and they were good at that
so i had to kill them all to find the REAL and dark secret of CNPP and the ZONE
and when i did that , i was feeling far better thinking that i made this choice

the last dialogues are like this:
" I don't know whether I was right or wrong.....but I think I made it......."

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^^btw i killed playboy and it was hard

i killed playboy when i played the game for the second time...he deserved it.

@ Faun : i too got the bad ending..will play it again some day to see the good ending. :smile:


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I don't know if the game in OP is the only game to discuss here, but if it's not then I felt bad when I killed Harper in COD B.O. 2. Also I was sad to see that guy was killed (probably?) at Mafia 2 ending, Joe was his name I think! However I didn't have part in that directly. Maybe there are other moments, but I don't remember atm.



Managing to hit a Rathalos with a charged greatsword right on the head as it dove towards me. (MHTri)

Using my howitzers and other artillery to make innsbruck fall after I had massively underestimated the austrian army which lead to most of my infantry being massacred.
(Napoleon Total War)

Defending Kyoto against a dual stack Ikko Ikki with just 6 units(including garrison).(Total War Shogun 2)


Betraying Tenmyouji and Quark when he was unable to vote to escape.(Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward)

Killing House.(Fallout: New Vegas)

Robbing gear from a teammate whenever he/she joins the team in a RPG.(Any team based RPG)
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Dishonored. Every time I spare the plotters, assassins, despite being the person who got most affected by their actions, just filled me with pride. There are very few games that will you make you feel proud by not even spilling a drop of blood.


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So many spoilers for so many games I haven't played. Makes me afraid to even look at this thread.
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