how do u feel when u r down in game?

how do u feel when u r down in the game??????????

  • gonna secretly switch off his computer!!

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like in tf2, if someone dominates me, i make sure that the guy dies in the next few minutes, and hopefully, i get a domination on him in return.

the only time i ragequit in recent months is when there were 4 snipers and 3 spies in a payload map, and the opposite team steamrolled us using 3 ubercharged pyros.

i hate it when noobs pick just sniper and spy and stay at 0 score.


actually there are very few moments, when I got defeated in The Battle For Wesnoth. What do is just change the Gold and Income to Hundred's or Thousand's and create a special unit of Royal Guard, with Hit Points 1000+ and Sword 22-10.
So, no one is able to beat me.


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1. try again.
2. read walkthrough.
3. use cheats (Godmode else skip level).
4. if cheats not avl, delete the game.


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Either of these two things,
1- Try to put my best, again.
2- Exit and watch a movie or listen to songs straightaway.
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