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  1. A

    Suggestion for an Android Phone..

    My budget is around Rs. 10-13k. Some of my choices are Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Explorer & HTC Wildfire S. Which one is better? Any other suggestion from your side is welcome.
  2. Sarath

    [Buying Advice] Is HTC Explorer @8k a good deal? Other options?

    I was thinking of buying this phone for my friend's b'day. Especially with the deal going on HTC Explorer - Buy Online in India for Rs.7,999 as on 25th March 2012 - Price, Features, Reviews, Specifications, Photos, Videos | BuyThePrice.com Here are the specs/review...
  3. patkim

    Win Xp - Windows Explorer windo hangs

    Everytime I switch to Explorer window or close an open explorer window. It eventually hangs. Clicking taskbar button is ineffective and task manager shows something like Local Disk (drive) Microsoft Internet Explorer - Not responding. This has started recently. Have tried system restore but no...
  4. S

    Budget 24k.. Advice needed !!

    I started off with a budget of 20k and was left with no good options. Now i have painfully raised my budget to a max 24k. I would like to know which is a better option between these two ? (1) BB Playbook + Htc Explorer = Rs. 23,000 (2) Htc Sensation = Rs. 24,000 My requirements : (1)...
  5. curioustechy

    Trouble booting windows

    My system was working fine with 3 OS - Ubuntu 11.10, win 7, win XP, till recently. My friend worked on it last time after which I'm not able to work on win 7 & win XP. When win 7 boots up it comes up with a msg that explorer has stopped working. When win XP boots up, just the desktop appear...
  6. H

    HTC Explorer

    I seeked opinions here on digit forum some 20 days ago n purchased an htc explorer A310. I'm very glad that I made a right choice. but now I don't know how to exploit the provided adreno 200 gpu. I would like you all guys to suggest some good quality games for my phone and a you tube...
  7. M

    how to automatically restart explorer if it crashes

    My windows 7 explorer crashes frequently and then the system becomes very unresponsive,the mouse becomes too slow to work with until i somehow click on restart.Pls tell me how to automatically restart explorer if it crashes.
  8. M

    htc explorer

    hi, anyone owns a htc explorer? I would like to get reviews about it. htc explorer price is reduced to Rs.10800 (at flipkart)
  9. curioustechy

    <<please help>>

    My system was working all right till i installed a win8 theme... now my windows explorer has stopped functioning. when i open a windows explorer, [say 'My Computer'], a window comes with the title bar(sans any title) and address bar(sans any address) only and the mouse pointer blinks as if in...
  10. Cool Buddy

    Windows 7 Explorer Jumplist

    This thing has been bothering me ever since I have started using Windows 7 (around 6 months back). How does Windows 7 select what folders are to be shown in the explorer jumplist? It never shows the folders I use the most and would love to have in the context menu for quick access, but it...
  11. marvelousprashant

    Windows Explorer has stopped working

    I recently installed Win7 ultimate 64 bit on my laptop. It gives me very frequent Windows Explorer has stopped working after which the laptop just freezes. Ctrl+Alt+del works 20% of the time. Most of the time I have to force restart. I searched various solutions on the internet, none seem to...
  12. R

    Some websites cannot be opened

    Hi Guys I am Abhishek I have a strange problem 5 6 days ago I was able to connect to some site ( wuload , fileserve etc ) but suddenly I am not able to connect to those pages .I can connect to any other sites like yahoo , google etc. I am using firefox ,I have tried google crome ...
  13. S

    how to turn on folder opening sound

    i m using windows 7. sometime before there was a click type system sound when i open any folder in windows explorer , now the sound is stopped. how can i turn it on again .please help..:?:?:?
  14. NucleusKore

    It's Official. Research Proves Internet Explorer Users Are Dumb.

    Source: It's Official. Research Proves Internet Explorer Users Are Dumb Have you been using Microsoft Internet Explorer to surf the web lately? If the answer is 'yes', then according to a report from the AptiQuant Psychometric Consulting Co., you may have a deficiency of intellectual acuity, or...
  15. R

    Problem in CSS

    Hey Guys this is RV here .. I was doing CSS for a website...The CSS worked well in Internet Explorer whereas the same CSS file didnt worked in Opera 11.10. Please help me in finding the solution. :x
  16. windchimes

    "Windows Explorer has stopped working" error

    Recently I reinstalled my OS (win-Vista) and ever since this reinstallation, whenever I connect my Portable HDD (Seagate Go Flex) within a few secs the "Windows Explorer has stopped working" alert pops up and system freezes. And i have to restart the explorer again. How to fix this this...
  17. utkarsh007

    Windows explorer not responding at startup

    Hey guys i am unable to figure out the solution to my problem.When i log on to my acc, my windows explorer after a short while hangs and becomes not responding. At this instant i can do nothing i mean i can't even move the cursor. This happens only with my account . My ntbtlog.txt is ...
  18. ax3

    ide hdd not showing up ! ! !

    << 1 >> my old ide hdd 40 gb segate is being detected by bios and device manager but doesn't show up in the explorer ... my current pc has 500gb sata hdd with xp & a dvd rom. so wanted 2 connect my old hdd as it was diconnected for 2 months ... it hasnt deadent off ... how do i get it on...
  19. sujeet2555

    explorer crashes frequently

    i have window 7 32bit .i have many different types of files in folders.so ,i keep arrange them as;sort by name & group by type and view as " list".therefore by horizontal scroll bar gets very long. i often get explorer non responding while scrolling horizontally.when explorer window freezes i...
  20. shantanu

    Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

    The Platform preview one for Internet Explorer 10 is now available for download. It's been one year when Platform preview one for IE was released. Today Platform Preview one for Internet Explorer 10 has been made available for download. Microsoft built IE9 from the ground up for HTML5 and for...
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