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  • prashant xz1 have better IQ then P7100,LX5 and s100 ....I have compared them for myself :)

    Nex5 have 18-55 kit lens isnt it ...bachho ko 35mm terms me bolkar confuse mat karo yaar :D :D

    I was even thinking of suggesting Nikon j1...but then EPM1 is better then that
    Which camera do you personally recommend Canon Powershot SX240 HS or Panasonic TZ30/ZS20
    Hey man read your previous posts . just wanted some info.
    i bought 6140 yesterday , it is running pretty slow. whenever i open sumthing it takes around 5 secs to open up , startups are taking a lot of time..,..
    this is my first laptop so i dun knw much..
    first. what all bloatwares should i remove from it .., i hav already removed norton as i read it takes too much resources..,
    i also read to install a fresh window to get rid of the bloatwares and increase the speed..
    how did your system work when you first opened it ?
    tell me what to do please !!
    Hi..I have a seagate Goflex 2TB external HDD(3 months old)..Yesterday i was benchmarking it using HD tune pro..After the test was completed windows explorer suddenly stopped displaying that HDD..But Disk management shows the disk as 1863GB unallocated..Please tell me what to do..I have all my important files in the disk..
    hey i cant find dv4 3016 series in any stores. It is mark discontinued in hp website..Is it worth to wait for newer versions of dv4?? will it be coming soon?? any idea.?? plz help
    can dm1 last for 3 year.thinking for buying for doing mca.will be doing gaming ,photoshop,movies,surfing,coding visual studio 2010 etc
    can you also link me to the BIOS update for the OpenGL thing? I know it was in the HP thread but cannot find.
    Hey! Sorry to bother you but just wanted to ask if you are satisfied with your hp dv6' s build quality?

    I also would appreciate if you'd tell me in which place metal has been used for construction?

    Thanks in advance.
    I am planning to buy this laptop but I am worrying about the display as many of members of this thread said its the worst screen in laptops. Is it so? my friend has inspiron 15R, is it worse than this?
    I do photography so I am pretty concern abt screen display. And how is the battery?
    I'm a new member and am contemplating buying either 6017tx or 6121tx if the former is not available. All I wanna know is that do you update ur graphics driver from amd or from HP bcoz I understand that AMD ones don't offer suppoet for switchable graphics drivers.
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