1. K

    Clean up tool

    Hi Guys, I have Windows7 Ultimate. Can I uninstall INTERNET EXPLORER only without any problem? Is there any free clean up tool to remove ADWARE,MALWARE,SPYWARE and the like in INTERNET EXPLORER? How to make the EXTENTIONS OF INTERNET EXPLORER as default settings? Your step by step procedures?
  2. rohitshakti2

    Copying Youtube offline videos and ES explorer problem

    Hi friends I am using youtube offline feature from simetime now. It is nice feature but if we don't use internet for a few days, the offline files can't be accessed. Is there any way to copy those files to my SD card so that it can be viewed anytime with or without internet and can also be...
  3. Desmond

    Microsoft Is Finally Killing Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 On January 12th

    Source: Microsoft Is Finally Killing Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 On January 12th
  4. mikael_schiffer

    I thought IE 11 was Good, but it looks like $hit

    Today, by mistake somehow i opened Internet Explorer. I was quiet surprised by how different it looked. Upon closer inspection i found it is Internet Explorer 11. I dont recall downloading it ever.. Anyways.... Once i started opening up pages i was quiet surprised at all the visduals. Something...
  5. patkim

    Pen drive hangs explorer

    I have a 16 gb pen drive that off lately many a times cause Windows explorer hang for a long time mostly after it's connected or sometimes suddenly while accessing files at random. Explorer eventually recovers from Hang state after about 3 - 4 minutes. Worst case I have to disconnect it hard way...
  6. sujeet2555

    [Open] some context menu items are disabled/missing

    i have window 7 64bit .i tried some softwares for explorer transparency and "Windows 7 Folder Background Changer" .they were not successful ,so i removed them . now i am facing 3 problems:- 1.there was "large icon ,medium icon ,classic icon " menu item missing on desktop right click menu...
  7. Chetan1991

    What's the best Windows Explorer alternative?

    Occasionally Windows Explorer on my laptop starts to consume 25% processing power and the fan goes in overdrive, and system to heat up, for apparently no reason. What could be the reason of this? What's the best alternative to explorer with great integration, features, stability and...
  8. patkim

    Win 7 - Volume Label displayed as 'Local Disk' in explorer

    I recently installed Win 7 Ultimate on a separate HDD1 with XP already on HDD0. In Win 7 explorer, one primary partition’s label (It's on HDD0) is always displayed as ‘Local Disk’ even though named as ‘SETUPS’. In its properties screen it’s blank in both Explorer as well as Disk Mgmt. Even if...
  9. sanny16

    mouse cursor flickering

    Whenever i plug in a pen drive into my pc, the cursor(arrow-icon) starts flickering as if something is going on even though the pen drive is not in use. Is this a problem or a caused by virus? And my explorer keeps restarting like 3 times a day. why is it happening? Sometimes pen drive would not...
  10. anon232

    usb drive letter not assigned automatically by windows 7

    I'm having some strange problems regarding usb drives. I'm running windows 7 SP1.Whenver I insert a usb drive it gets recognized by windows,drivers are installed properly but the drive doesn't show up in explorer. But when I go to disk managment,there I can see the drive and if I assign a drive...
  11. C

    HDD not working & need new hdd

    I have Seagate 1TB HDD 7200.12 whose partition display in explorer but does not open (its not showing format option) but it hangs the windows explorer & sometime at boot it try to checkdisk but fails to initialize bcoz master file table error what should i do to recover data of HDD (HDD was...
  12. G

    Nokia lumia 510 or HTC Explorer or Xperia Tipo

    Hey guys ... Managed to find htc explorer for 6.3k , lumia 510 for 6.6k. tipo for 6.5k.. all @ snapdeal So which one to get? All of these fit in my budget... And im okay with WP 7.8 OS, As long it has all nessasary apps ( I dont play games) And presonally I think lumia 510 is better...
  13. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Windows Explorer is Restarting

    Hi I am using Dell inspiron laptop and the specs are processor:core i3 RAM:3GB OS:windows 7 ultimate HDD:320gb for the past two days i am getting the message that "Windows explorer is stopped working" restart the program frequently(upto 15 times in an hour) and my system hangs on for a...
  14. justme101

    New Headsets for mobile & mp3 player!!

    So i broke my headphones which came boxed with my Transcend MP3 player so i am in need of new ones. I tried out the new earpods which come with iPhone 5. The sound is really good with good beats but the volume up/down and play/pause keys are not working with it. I also tried them with my HTC...
  15. ax3

    Internet Explorer 10

    which digit dvd has latest Internet Explorer 10 ??? can any1 plz tell me ... need 2 upgrade it ...
  16. M

    internet explorer 7/8/9 not supported on this operating system

    I use genuine windows 7. however,sometime back,I had deleted the internet explorer 7. Now I am not able to install,none of the IE versions. during the installation process,the above message appears. what is the solution if any?a google search has not helped much.
  17. Charley

    Need Flash Player For Android OS, v2.3 [HTC Explorer & Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830]

    I need a Flash Player to watch videos on HTC Explorer and Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. Which is the best ?
  18. kunalht

    Htc explorer or xperia tipo??

    I want to buy a new phone under 9.5-10k. Which wold be better xperia tipo Or Htc explorer? I heard that xperia tipo has touch problem? Is it true? & HTC explorer has less internel memory... I want phone for playing games & chating.... HTC explorer can run games like modern combat 3, Nova 3...
  19. R

    HTC Explorer screen damaged

    Hi My HTC Explorer accidentally fell in water. As a result the screen has been damaged i guess. I think I should open the phone and remove the battery and sim otherwise more damage will be done. But I cant figure out to open it. Any suggestions. Its still within the warranty period...
  20. Akshay

    Search issues in Windows 8 Pro

    I have installed Windows 8 Pro. I am happy using it except for one major problem i.e. Search. I am unable to search the files on my HDD!!! The apps, settings option does not appear under the search option in charm bar. Also in window explorer, there is no search option. If I go in right corner...
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