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"Windows Explorer has stopped working" error


Can you hear it..??
Recently I reinstalled my OS (win-Vista) and ever since this
reinstallation, whenever I connect my Portable HDD (Seagate Go Flex)
within a few secs the "Windows Explorer has stopped working" alert
pops up and system freezes. And i have to restart the explorer again.
How to fix this this annoying problem?


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Staff member
Start the computer in Safe Mode.

Now open Command Prompt (Run -> CMD. Enter)
Enter following command, assuming x: is the drive letter of your Portable Hard Drive.
chkdsk x: /r

This process may take several minutes, since it would find errors on drive and repair if found any.

After the process completes, restart the computer and see if the problem persists.


Probably a corrupt HDD (to some extent). Did you try connecting this drive in other computers?


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I think its virus issue..
explorer is corrupted by virus.
install a good Anti-Virus (Avira,Avast etc) do a full system scan.
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