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  • i wouldn't really like my avatar rated. :p that's why not posting in that thread.
    Wow.. nice to meet such a big fan of BTTF, like you! Got to tell you.. I adore this series more than my life! (ok... that was a little exaggerated! :) But you got the point!)

    Yes, I am not Pramod, but he is a dear friend of mine. And he is not such a hot-shot! Just a person trying to make a difference.
    Btw, if you have any interest, even remotely, in writing for a magazine, or anything related to film-making, you can join his recently created page,

    And thanks for the vote of confidence :goodjob:
    Thanks buddy, that was quite informative. I will get back to you for more info.
    Dude, i want to know about HP printer. How much it cost for original cartridges? and What will be cost for REFILLING ink like prodot..???
    I went over there and got a quotation. I told them that I came to their shop on your recommendation. And said that some of the prices were a tad bit higher. They told (Rajiv is the main guy there) that they will provide me at the current running price and may lower down depending upon the running rate.
    I wanted to inquire abt prices in SP road too as I have enough time (I will be buying in Aug). Can you tell me some good shops there and should I go on Sunday or Saturday ? busy with office on weekdays.

    Also I wanted to hav custom made t shirt. Do you know some good shop here in blore ? At forum they charge 200 for print on white cloth and 400 for colored ones :/
    Can you tell me the shop address for computer product sale which is in kormangala or madiwala. I am not finding the post where u mentioned it. You told its better than searching in SP road.
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