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  • Hey. Long time no see.
    What you up to these days? Quit Dota?
    Yeah I was doing my post grad and had to give up everything not just dota and now that i'm done, i can't keep up with the game anymore, hands are too slow for that game. I play PUBG mobile to quench my gaming needs.
    So how are you and what's new?
    Do you still play dota?
    I play sometimes, but I haven't in a long time. I play other games on Steam though. Thinking of getting Doom Eternal. The guys in the whatsapp group still play regularly AFAIK. I am more active in the Telegram group though, so not sure.
    Hey Sarath,

    Dont you think its time to update the Budget Earphones Discussion and Buying Guide thread?? Its 2yrs old. Also can you start a Headphones buying guide?

    Can u look into it? I want to get a pair of IEMs or headphones. Budget : <1.5k

    Thanks in Advance,


    Always pay attention to the rear of the motorcycle when performing a full braking maneuver. If the rear wheel lifts up, you should reduce the braking pressure on the front wheel as quickly as possible.
    Modern ABS systems can support the driver in this regard. The Generation 9 motorcycle ABS systems from Bosch all feature intelligent Rear-wheel Lift-up Mitigation and have been developed to facilitate braking at full power in all emergency braking situations when traveling in a straight line.

    Please note that the behavior of ABS systems can vary in certain circumstances depending on the ABS manufacturer and the type of motorcycle. This is due to differences in the ABS system itself, but also the way the motorcycle is designed by the manufacturer and the different ABS modes.
    Also this might be interesting for you.

    Tips for braking with ABS

    The first rule of braking with ABS: brake as though you did not have ABS.

    Begin braking using the foot brake as far as possible.
    Pull the brake lever quickly, but not abruptly. Once the brake pads have fully engaged, increase the braking pressure quickly, and in significant amounts.
    When performing a full braking maneuver, brake on straight course within the ABS control range. Depending on the model, you can tell that the ABS has kicked in through a gentle pulsing on the hand and foot brake levers, as well as a tacking noise.
    When performing a full braking maneuver, always disengage the clutch at the same time.
    When braking in bends, increase the braking pressure gently to prevent the front wheel from slipping to the side.

    Wait for a yr or So. BMW & aprilla will be releasing his top end model cruisers & day commuters in india. Just hope the import prices should fall mean time, otherwise those bike will be just dream bikes for every indian out here.
    TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS [90k lol]. I have seen few Prototype Bikes from Duke testing with ABS in Adugodi, Bangalore.
    You bought those Marshmallows for gifting purpose? Did you try it before? I am considering buying a pair of 'em. should I?
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