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  1. D

    dlink dsl 2750u storage service problem (cant acess)

    i am having problem accessing the usb storage via storage service i have followed many tutorial and have followed all the steps still getting no where this problem occurs very recently previously i have been accessing the data via from browser file://
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    Student's phone in less than 9K

    well i'm looking for a phone(my mom says strictly for comm. but i say otherwise) i'm looking for android phone so which should i choose samsung galaxy Y or HTC explorer any idea if i can cram a htc explorer in 6-7k?? i dont want homegrown brands like karbonn ,micromaxx etc
  3. T

    Android phone for 8k-12k

    Was checking out Motorola defy plus, htc desire c, wildfire s, and explorer. Which one to go for ?
  4. B

    Htc Explorer or Htc desire C ?

    My budget is 9-10k. I like the build quality of HTC and its UI customization so i dont prefer any other brand. I m confused between Explorer and Desire C. Explorer = 8k Desire C = 12k when compared, Desire C has - 3.5 inch screen - runs on ICS - 4GB internal memory - 5MP camera (No...
  5. A

    Need to buy good android phone under 10k (urgent)

    Friends, I had been using HTC explorer for last 5 months. but i lost it while travelling in a local train yesterday :cry: So please advice me a new android device in range of less than 10k. i was pretty much satisfied with the performance of Explorer. but since now i can opt to buy new...
  6. varunparakh

    HTC Explorer for 7,495 or wait for Xperia Miro/Mmx A90 ?

    Hey, looking to get a strict budget phone! (10k) Looking for : 1. Lots of customizable stuff's, preferably custom ROM's 2. Sturdy with looks. 3. ICS upgrade somehow! Options : Explorer for 7.5k from HS18 Super Deal Xperia Miro(ICS, but will release next month may be) Micromax A90...
  7. tkin

    How WinRAR Destroyed My System, A Fair Warning To You All.

    Prepare yourselves, cause you are about to hear one of the most horrific stories in your life, ok, may not that much, but still scared the daylights out of me :cry: So there I was, one fine morning, with a cup of coffee, browsing through usual 4chan cr@p(/b/), when all of a sudden my...
  8. gauravranu

    Windows explorer hangs on accessing Videos

    Hi friends, I have AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+ (Brisbane) around 4yrs old now. Whenever I access a folder containing Videos, the CPU usage steps up to 100% instantly and windows explorer starts hanging & then there is no other way than killing & restarting the windows explorer from task manager. I...
  9. ParaXite

    Need Help rooting my HTC Explorer

    I have read the FAQs of rooting in the sticky thread but I would really like a detailed tutorial on how to root my newly bought HTC explorer. The main reason I want to root my HTC explorer is to remove bloatware and to install apps on the SD card by making a system partition (or something...
  10. M

    Computer freezes in Chrome, not Explorer yet

    I have the following configuration: PHENOM II X4 + GIGABYTE GA 88 GMA UD 2H Seagate HDD 500GB Sata DDR-3 CORSAIR x2 HD 6850 BENQ 2220 HD COOLER MASTER CABINET COOLER MASTER SMPS 500W A freezing problem started a few days ago. What happens is when I open 2-3 or multiple tabs in...
  11. ruthless

    Android Phone under 13k....

    Hi Guys I want to purchase an android phone for the first time... My primary requirement is a good screen that will be good for internet browsing and one which can run some games and apps comfortably (nothing heavy). Based on the advice given here i have shortlisted between HTC explorer and...
  12. R

    Media player for Android

    Hi I have a HTC Explorer. Please suggest me a free safe media player from android store to play audio and video files of most formats. Explorer has got one but there are not much controls there, like forward , rewind and all Thanks
  13. A

    Screen guard for HTC Explorer

    I have just ordered a HTC Explorer , I wanted to buy a screen guard for it , there are many available on Flipkart Htc explorer : Buy in India @ Flipkart.com & ebay which guard should i go for?
  14. azzu

    Australian tech retailer Kogan Charges 6.8% Tax On Using Internet Explorer 7

    Tech Retailer Charges Tax On Using Internet Explorer 7 Australian tech retailer Kogan has implemented world's first "Internet Explorer 7 Tax" . The users who buy stuff on Kogan site using antique Internet Explorer 7 , are charged 6.8% tax . The site says that the tax is being charged...
  15. sling-shot

    HTC Explorer Discussion Thread

    Has any of the HTC Explorer owners here tried Firefox Mobile on it? I could not install it on a friend's Samsung Galaxy Y because it needs 512 MB RAM. But since HTC Explorer has a low 90 MB of user storage, how will it work day-to-day, if Firefox Mobile can be installed there...
  16. A

    HTC Explorer or Samsung Galaxy y or Karbonn A9

    Hi Friends! My Budget is under 10000... Please Suggest me Which mobile is best for my budget... Htc Explorer or Karbonn A9 or Samsung Galaxy Y... Please Help Me Friends!!! Regards! -=Active=-
  17. S

    What do you say...Worth the risk ?

    Check this ebay listing guys.... Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman About Rs 2300 less than flipkart etc (with dealer's warranty though, obviously) I'd like to know ur opinion.. That (10600) is about the maximum I'll be able to stretch my budget (10000 originally). So, if I don't consider this...
  18. sysfilez

    Nokia E5 or HTC Explorer, please suggest

    this weekend i m planning to buy a new cell fone. i have short listed Nokia E5 and HTC Explorer. I know the E5 thoroughly but wanted the user review/experience of HTC Explorer. Please suggest.
  19. R

    Should i buy HTC Explorer from Tradus

    Hi guys, Thinking to buy HTC Explorer from Tradus.. Wanted to buy from flipkart but there its costly by 1k as compared to tradus I wanted to know How is tradus service and reliability as compared to flipkart. Tradus also does not show in how many days will it ship the product, so am...
  20. soumo27

    Getting a new mobile within few days

    So I wanted to buy a new android within 10k or so last month, but had to postpone the purchase back then. I"ll be buying it next week. Looking forward to get the HTC Explorer or LG Optimus P690. So, in need of some suggestions. 1. Budget? 8-8.5 K 2. Display type and size? Touch 3.2 " or so...
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