1. ramakanta

    Connect Multiple Hard Drives !!

    I want to connect multiple hard drives !! Is there any some kind of 'stack' or some such 'thing' for this purpose? I am thinking about connecting 8(eight) hard drives(1 TB each) at the same time(all the hard drives in one case) means I want the hard drives all in the same case/stack . I want to...
  2. mitraark

    Router for home PC/laptop/mobiles,budget 1-1.5k

    Hello everyone. I have a Wishnet internet connection, it is the interner service provided by the cable operator in our area.They directly get you an RJ-45 line from the pole which you connect to your PC, set an IP, login through their client, and connect to internet. I want to share the...
  3. gagan_kumar

    serious problem with PC

    guys i have 2 external hard disks the problem i m facing with them is when i disconnect them and reconnect them when windows is on , windows doesn't detect them and when i connect them before boot windows does, is there any way to solve this??
  4. B

    Planning to buy Router Need Advice

    Hi ppl I am planning to buy a router for my home, I am on cable internet and hence the cable comes directly from the ISP and is connected to my pc ethernet card. I am planning to buy a router now please advice the best cheap alternative and suggestions. I have shortlisted TP-LINK TL-WR740N which...
  5. A

    Dialer on android to Connect broadband - Incable Broadband connection .. need help.

    I am having Incable Broadband connection at home. For which i need to start the dialer and connect using a Username and Password. i am using Wifi through TP-LINK portable router. This works fine on my laptop with Win7. Recently i bought Samsung S4.. My query is .. how do i create this...
  6. F

    ZEB-L2012 external tv tuner to cpu

    hi all , Bought ZEB-L2012 and don't know how to connect with cpu for watching tv and doing work in computer. what is pip mode ? and how this hardware will help in both watching Tv and browsing net . I already have internal tv tuner card and was using that , now the cable tv operator asked...
  7. harshilsharma63

    Unable to access TDF IRC cahnnel

    Hi. i installed mIRC on Windows 8 today. I set server name as "" and port as "6667" but I'm unable to connect. I keep getting the error "Unable to resolve server".
  8. 6Diablo9

    Connecting ethernet cable to android tablet

    Is there any way to connect Internet directly to tablet using adapter like this I have a Ainol Novo Elf2 tablet which I wish to connect to Internet. Please do not suggest me to buy a WiFi router and use WiFi, I want to know if it's possible using an adapter.
  9. K

    Problem In Extral HDD

    I Have A Problem In Segate Ext. HDD 500 GB Ie. Not Detecting When Connect Through USB Any Help....?
  10. ramakanta

    Two Computers -One USB Printer

    If you have two computers and only one printer with a USB port, then How to Connect Two Computers to One Printer on a USB Cable . please help me . thanks.
  11. R

    Need help planning out my business network.

    Hi, I'm planning on setting up a small server system at home for holding our business data. Ours is a small service-oriented company, and we will have several field personnel out in the field in the near future, and they will need to connect to our server via their laptops in order to view...
  12. O

    Asus maximus v gene connect cable

    Somehow using adapters can I connect my asus rog connect cable to a tablet having USB port and use it to monitor system instead of using another laptop....???
  13. kARTechnology

    Migrated from BSNL to Fiber , Need new router or use existing?

    Hi, I was using BSNL Cr@p 4MBPS Plan upto 20GB and 512 kbps for Rs.1350/month after that, it worked for few months and speed dropped verrry low, that can even browse, can't complain as they don't even bother to pick the phone, or if i go to office, they will not be there(will go for lunch...
  14. vidhubhushan

    Advice for Budget Tablet under INR7000

    Interested in buying a budget tablet. budget is INR7,000 (the lesser the better) use - browsing, youtube, facebook, watching all sort of videos (avi, mp4, wmv, mpg, mkv, m2ts....) and mp3 songs (for that might connect speaker set to 3.5mm slot) internet - right now will use MBlaze, and at...
  15. V

    android mini pc for tv

    I wana buy an adroid mini stick to connect to my 40 hd tv so which ones better my budget is upto15000
  16. Jags

    Suggest 5.1 Speakers under/around 5k for small room

    Guys, Looking to purchase a 5.1 surround sound for a small room. Budget around Rs5,000. I want to connect this to my LCD. I know if I buy, say, creative inpsire then I will need to buy a connector to connect them to TV. I am ok with this if sound does not get hampered. Any suggestions...
  17. C

    Problem configuring TP-LINK modem router

    I bought TD-W8951ND yesterday and configured it using the Setup Assistant available in the CD included. Mine is a PPPoE connection from BSNL, and it configured fine with the setup. I used the net for about an hour, but then I wanted to change a setting in it. The connection through my old...
  18. S

    Need a good long range wi-fir router..!

    I need a long range wi-fi router with USB port i have cheked D-Link DSL-2750U but satisfied So which is the best router for me ..? I have Laptop and Anroid phone to connect router..!
  19. L

    Minecraft connection problem

    cannot connect through lan in minecraft.
  20. S

    how to connect my 5.1 speakers with rca plugs to my laptop

    I have these 5.1 speakers with rca plugs....the ones with red,white and yellow I was thinking was there any way to connect this to my laptop??
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