1. F

    Connect two 3.5mm devices to single speaker with 3.5mm input

    Hi all, I want to connect my DTH box audio output (aux 3.5mm output) and my PC audio output (line out 3.5mm) to Samsung 2.1 speakers which have 3.5mm stereo in port. Please tell me if there is any type of selector box available which can be used for switching between DTH and PC output...
  2. H

    HELP PS3 super slim not able to connect to wifi!!!

    Hey Guys, I got Sony PS3 super slim 12 GB and plus I am newbie to consoles. Before powering it on for the first time I upgraded the harddrive to 500 GB and booted up. Everything went fine the PS3 booted up shows me everything but I am not able to connect to my Wifi. I have a dual band...
  3. S

    Issue with Linksys wrt54g router

    Hi everyone, I am facing a strange issue with the router mentioned. Whenever I connect the cable modem to the router, it stops working after about 2 mins. By that I mean, destination ( becomes unreachable while pinging. If I disconnect the modem and restart the router, I can ping it...
  4. AVT

    Offline Media Player from 2 TB HDD (with audio out)

    I don't need the fancy smart android tv boxes that are nearest to what i m thinking but i want these things 1. It should have a usb connection to the hard disk drive from which it can play 720p (x265 HEVC codec wali) videos. 2. It should have a HDMI port to which i can connect my computer...
  5. patkim

    Using Extension box at UPS output

    As per what APC recommends, you should not connect extension box/surge protector to the output of APC home UPS. Is there any real harm in doing that? Has anyone used it in that way? I am likely to purchase a 600VA UPS for my desktop. I will be connecting desktop, monitor & router to it. I can...
  6. Aditya11

    Possible to connect SSD with two other HDDs?

    I have two internal HDDs: a 1TB and another 2TB. First HDD contains Win7 on C: as a primary OS and Win10 on D:. Second HDD is used for games, movies, music and stuff. I would like to add an additional SDD and transfer both OS's onto it. Is it possible to connect it while keeping both HDDs?
  7. X

    Wireless audio output

    My PC with motherboard Gigabyte G31 is getting old. Its internal sound port is not working. I.e I cant connect 3.5mm jack to my pc. I can’t install external sound card as the space is occupied by gfx card which obstructs the space. Is there another way to connect my headphone/speaker with 3.5...
  8. V

    Windows 10 - GP service issue on logon

    I have recently upgraded my laptop to windows 10. Fine. But for the past 10 days, I am getting the following notification, whenever the laptop boots. "Failed to connect to window service. Could not connect to Group policy client service." etc. Whether the above position is a hindrance to my...
  9. pra_2006

    TP Link Nano Wifi TL-WN725N 'Can't connect to this network'

    hi i recently bought this nano wifi to connect internet from my wifi router and it was working fine but since yesterday its just not connecting to my wifi and says cannot connect but its connecting to other devices like my mobile when i open hotspot and i reinstalled the driver but the same...
  10. ajayritik

    How to connect my Smart TV so that can access other devices

    I currently have Samsung Smart TV LED TV UN46D6000SF . This doesn't have inbuilt wifi however it has a provision of LAN connector in built. Some time back I had try to connect the TV to my modem using a LAN Cable however it doesn't seem to work now. Can someone please suggest what is the...
  11. A

    How to connect 2 system with USB cable

    Hi, I do have a Desktop and laptop. Sometime i have to transfer big files in between I larger than mine available PD. I heard one of my friend was telling me can connect 2 system with USB cable and share files. Is anybody suggest me way to fix it ?
  12. nac

    8-pin PSU in 4-pin motherboard

    I guess I am good to go with this 8 (4+4)-pin ATX12V, EPS connector (Antec VP450P) and connect it in my motherboard (Asus P5G MX) which has only 4-pin. There is no manual with this PSU, they just supplied a leaflet which contains general info of the product. And they don't have any detailed...
  13. stellar

    USB mouse wire

    I cut the ps optical mouse and i hace usb wire which i have cut too.Mouse have green,white,pink and blue wire while USB cable have green,white,red and black wire.Which wire should i connect so that mouse may work properly.
  14. X

    40inch to connect to laptop - wireless

    1. Budget? Around 40k. - Can stretch 10-15k more but is it worth spending 50k+ on a tv? 2. Display type and size? 40 inch - Not bigger. for bedroom 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Both, tv and monitor... if im home ill use the tv as a laptop monitor 4. Ports Required? USB x2, hdmi, x2+ 5...
  15. ajayritik

    Sony Z1 not getting detected on my PC

    I need to move some files from my Sony Z1 phone to my PC or create backup. The phone memory is getting full. However when I connect my Sony Z1 to my PC the phone is not getting detected. It however is able to connect to the SD card in the phone. How can I ensure that the phone is detected by...
  16. T

    high range wifi ap

    I need to setup a wifi range signal for atleast 2 acres open area here at a school.. the school had a bsnl broadband connection.. wifi signal should be in school ground .and 30-40 users will connect to it.. Can i use the outdoor aps cpes sold by tp link .. Tell me the steps.
  17. izzikio_rage

    Tplink W8968 v2 : Max 8 wifi connections? how to increase

    Hi Everyone Got a Tplink W8968 some time back and using it with a BSNL connection. Have updated to the latest firmware V2 140514. My issue is that it allows only 8 wifi devices to connect simultaneously. After that the devices either don't connect at all or give an authentication error...
  18. vito scalleta

    Router not assigning IP addresses

    my tp-link modem router is not assigning IP address to any device i try to connect to it What could be the problem :|
  19. B

    Device to connect pc with wi-fi

    Hi Guys, I am using an old pc at home. It connects with the internet via lan cable. Could you please tell me the name and make of the device which is value for money and which can be used to connect this pc with wi-fi? I am using Win XP. So, kindly suggest a device which is easy to set up. I...
  20. patkim

    Can two PCs be networked using mobile hotspot

    Using a router I am able to connect my PC & laptop over the LAN IP addresses. I wish to achieve the same using mobile hotspot. Is it possible? When I create a hotspot on my android mobile and connect my PC and laptop to it, each receives dynamic IP address. However pinging each other or...
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