1. mohityadavx

    Connect to Two Wifi Connection Simultaneously

    Hey So I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and I want to connect to two wifi connections simultaneously. The thing is that I want to combine the two connection using Connectify Dispatch, one connection is college wifi and second is hotspot created from mobile (Lumia 520 doesnt support USB...
  2. ithehappy

    Any way to connect my laptop with TV wirelessly?

    I generally connect my laptop with my Bravia with the HDMI cable, and it works fine needless to say, but all the clutter of cables, well...I was wondering if there is an way to connect the lappy wirelessly with the TV? I mean if the laptop had a screen mirroring feature then there would be no...
  3. anirbandd

    SD card not Connecting via USB

    Hi all, I got the MMX A63 mobile. From today morning, i am facing a strange issue.. When i connect the mobile via USB to my laptop, the SD card is not showing up. Only the internal storage shows up, and in the mobile, i can still access the SD card. But if i connect via MTP protocol, i...
  4. ITTechPerson

    Desktop keep searching for 'Identifying' network but unable to connect through Router

    I am using internet broadband provided by local cable network, they have installed an optical fiber lan to connect. It works fine with the desktops. I have installed a Router with wifi for our network to share the same bandwidth. Now all the laptops connects smoothly by wifi. If I connect any...
  5. TheHumanBot

    Dell Inspiron N4050 Wi-Fi Network Problem

    Hi, friend of mine got EVO USB Dongle internet and it has Wi-Fi option to connect on laptops. now 2 of his brothers are able to connect to wifi even their cellphone gets connected to wi-fi without any problems. now on his laptop connection shows Limited access plus it doesn't get connected so i...
  6. P

    connect two different network subnets together??

    hello friends, I am an orthopaedic surgeon by profession... my problem is that i want to connect my digital xray machine to my local network. presently the config is XRAY Machine is on subnet Local network (connected to WAN) is on subnet i want to connect both the...
  7. R

    issue while connecting to internet

    Hi frndzz, When I click on connect in windows 7, the connection window that appears displaying the login credentials is too slow and on clicking connect the response is too slow and after five minutes it fails to connect to ISP and drops with an error 619. Other functionality of the lappy is...
  8. N

    Are LED tv's safe to connect laptop or pc ?

    I connected my dell xps to samsung 5 series led tv for playing games via hdmi. After few weeks of time, my TV screen went blank though sound is there. I called up samsung call center and they sent out a rep and he said the led screen/panel is gone and have to be replaced which will cost around...
  9. S

    Problems reg. connecting a PC to TV and Home Theatre

    Hi! I had purchased the Sony DAV-TZ145 and have a few questions. I want to connect my pc to my TV as a display and the home theatre as the a 5.1 speaker. However when i connect the "audio in to aux" cable into the headphone jack then only 2 speakers work. How can i make it use all 5 speakers...
  10. sudhir_3193

    best digital speakers under 12000rs

    hi, friends one of my friend needs good speaker with digital input to connect with led tv. His budget is 12000rs.
  11. N

    4 monitors into one big screen.

    I want to connect 4 monitors so that at looks like a big screen. How can I do it?
  12. kool

    Micromax 353G disconnect automatically after i connect to the internet ! :(

    Micromax usb modem 353G disconnect automatically after i connect to the internet? OS: Win7 32bit SIM: Reliance 3G sometime it works fine, but most of the time it get disconnected immediately after connecting.
  13. R

    Creating a Multiplayer CS session

    Me and My 9 other friends decided to play counter strike this weekend. Preperations have begun. But nobody knows how to setup a server ? We have all installed CS 1.6 game. Wifi and LAN both options are available. Can some1 please provide links for tutorials which explains how to connect 8-10pcs...
  14. ariftwister

    How to connect automatically in reliance netconnect

    Hi guys, I'm using reliance netconnect to download overnight.(unlimited at night only). So my problem is sometimes it disconnects automatically. So I manually have to re-connect. Is there any workaround for this to. Make it connect automatically after disconnection? Is there any mod version of...
  15. arko1983

    5.1 speakers for tv as well as my pc

    I want to buy 5.1 speakers for my pc as well as lg 47la6200.My pc specs are in my sig.Budget 10 k can go max 15k. I want to connect both my pc and tv at the same time if possible. my tv is linked with hdmi to my pc. Link of my setup...
  16. S

    How to connect PC to DVD Player/Home Theater via HDMI?

    Hello folks, my query is I have a PC with Asus/NVDIA VGA card which has HDMI output,at the other hand I have a sony Home-theater system with DVD player/amplifier which also has an HDMI output,I have already connected my pc to home-theater system over AV cord and its working fine,but I have...
  17. Jaskanwar Singh

    relaince netconnect 3g : connect failed

    i got a reliance netconnect 3g yesterday. today the connect button showed up in software. but whenever i press connect, it says connect failed. signal strength - 19. apn - rcomnet dial number - *99# also some 40'H,ME ERROR comes up. then connect failed.
  18. powerhoney

    How to use WiFi router to share hostel internet connection

    Hey, guys... In my hostel, we are provided internet through a LAN connection... They provide us with a cable in our rooms and we use it to connect to the internet by connecting it to our laptops... What the cable looks like: The RJ 45 connector in the cable: Now, I have a...
  19. A

    Buying advice on mobile router

    Hi guys I have a Tata Photon+ Huawei ECS156 usb dongle. I require an info on compatible mobile wifi router that I can use with it. It should be able to connect to my laptop and mobile device.
  20. vijju6091

    Headset for Xbox 360

    Hi Guys, I am Looking Forward to Buy Headset for Xbox 360 for In game sound. No need for voice chats and all.Only Important Thing is In game sounds. Please suggest cheapest possible headset for Xbox 360 which can provide In game audio to me. i Connect my Xbox to Tv through HDMI and TV does...
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