1. S

    x box

    can we connect an external harddisk to x-box 360 , mine is a 4gb slim model.. if so please tell me.. thank you..
  2. Akshay

    Settings for Reliance broadband in Netgear DGND3700

    [Solved] Settings for Reliance broadband in Netgear DGND3700 I recently took reliance broadband connection and I have received a ZTE ZXDSL 831 series with it. When I connect a lan cable from ZTE to my laptop (MBP), I can connect to the internet. Since it does not have a wifi, I want to use my...
  3. A_ashish_A


    sound card in my pc has a spdif jack but my 2.1 speaker system dont. so how can i connect my speakers with sound card via spdif?? do i need a reciever for this?
  4. pratik385

    Connecting two laptops with adhoc

    Hi guys, I've Reliance Broadband connect, 12mbps upto 25gb and then 1mbps unlimited PLAN I live with 4 roomies so want to share my internet with them... It should be flexible, you know when i connect the cable i should be able to share it and when my other roomie is using it he should be able...
  5. A

    Windows 8 cant connect to this network

    I installed win 8 pro on acer 4740z but it cant connect to my home wifi network, after attempting it shows error "can't connect to this network" though Ethernet works also I have tried updating the driver via device manager(using ethernet) and it says the drivers are up to date. the airplane...
  6. T

    setup of lan between laptop and desktop using D-Link DSL-2640U

    Hi, i have D-Link DSL-2640U , one desktop and lenovo laptop. I want to connect both the pc for lan. Which is the best method to connect them directly through lan port? or using D-Link DSL-2640U for connection(Can disconnect net cable for offline) also what type of cabling should be...
  7. C

    how to connect 2 computers?

    hi guys, i have a computer and a laptop, wish to connect them because it is easy to transfer data. I have tried to connect them using a cross over cable. ieven have a netgear N300 router. please tell me how to do it. Notr: already tried assigning ip address to both of them, but i was not able...
  8. P

    Reliance broadband question

    Hello, Well I just recently changed my ISP to Reliance. But the procedure to connect to internet is really strange. They gave me username and password. And I have to enter those everytime I wanna connect to internet. Is it normal? Coz my previous ISP (Airtel) didnt had anything of this...
  9. Achuth

    No Output to monitor

    HI, I recently bought an HDMI to VGA converter cable. connected my Sapphire radeon HD5670[HDMI] to my ACER AL1916W[VGA only] .. and when i switch it on,it shows "No Cable connected" . It is working fine when i connect it via the DVI connect. I was planning on setting up dual monitors. If anyone...
  10. A

    d-link pocket ruter not working

    well friends i have purchased a d-link DWR 131 pocket router. i am trying to connect my i pad to router via wifi. i pad is connecting to the router but the internet s not starting.and yes i an using mts mblaze as a modem which i connect to the router please help me.
  11. IronCruz

    Seagate freeagent go wierd problem

    Hello Guys. I purchased Seagate FreeAgent Go 250GB Ultra-Portable Drive on 2-July-2010. I'm now having some problem with it. The problem is, when i connect HD to my laptp or pc, even if table shakes, the hd gets Disconnected and again reconnects. Before this i had a problem, like when i plugged...
  12. R

    connect sony vaio with usb keyboard to projector

    hi I've a sony vaio. It's keyboard not functioning well. so I disconnected it. Now I'm using a usb keyboard. I want to connect my laptop to a projector. The original key combination for connecting to projector in vaio was Fn+F7. I had used it successfully earlier. But there's no Fn key in my usb...
  13. M

    Nokia Lumia 610 can't find my laptop hotspot

    Hello Everyone... i just got a new nokia lumia 610 and nokia 603. I have started using my laptop as a Hotspot for internet in my home. i can easily connect 603 to laptop hotspot. and it is working perfectly. But in case of nokia lumia 610 when i m trying to use that wifi it shows No...
  14. M

    Require help to buy a router.

    Hello All, I have bsnl broadband with adsl modem. I want a wifi network so that I can connect my laptop and mobile anywhere in the home. Pointers: 1. I need to connect my pc directly(lan) as it don't have wifi support. 2. It would be good if I can have a media server option where I can...
  15. B

    Help me to setup a Wireless N/w @ home

    Hi Friends I want to setup a Wireless network (Wi Fi) @ home to connect 1 Desktop PC, 2 Laptops & 4 Android Smarth Phones to a common internet connection. Cable Connection : Cable internet 1 Mbps, unlimited Plan It uses is a Dial up connection to connect to...
  16. A

    Laptop freezes on connection to LAN

    Hello, I have a DELL Vostro 1088 with Windows OS. My laptop just freezes when I connect/disconnect it to LAN. It works fine when I connect it to LAN when the power is OFF and then start windows, otherwise if I connect it to LAN when the windows is on or on sleep it just freezes and...
  17. A

    How to connect Micromax funbook with bnl evdo???

    How to connect Micromax funbook with bsnl evdo??? I hv a Micromax funbook and a bsnl evdo but m not able to connect to internet using my bsnl evdo can any of u guys tell me the correct procedure by which I can connect to internet in my micromax funbook using bsnl evdo???
  18. A

    Gaming/ Movie suited speakers 3k

    Hey guys, Im looking for a pair of speakers, preferably 2.1 around 3k mainly for the purposes of gaming and movies. I am inclining towards Altec Lansing Octane 7 as i have seen them in action and they sounded much better than the offerings by creative around the 2.5k range. If possible, i...
  19. sumonpathak

    ROG Maximus V Formula unboxing.

    Hi there folks.. Asus was kind enough to send me an sample from their ROG line up this time.Presenting the Maximus V Formula. This is the mid range board from their Z77 ROG lineup and being as such it got everything one would look for in an enthusiast board. the important features worth...
  20. M

    How to connect the iPhone to my Car Stereo?

    Hello friends, I bought 2005 AUDI A4 , i need to ask you, how can i connect the iPhone to my new NaviDVD in my car? Can someone help me please? AUDI A4
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