1. kg11sgbg

    Is this connection possible ever?

    I have a UTSTARCOM WA3002-g1 wireless ADSL2+ modem/router(provided by BSNL) and also a D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem/router,presently. Is it possible to connect between the two by the "ethernet-RJ45" cables and the "Phone line cable" ultimately onto the ethernet port/jack(RJ45)to do a net...
  2. Chetan1991

    tor failing in "Establishing an encrypted directory connection" because of nebero

    My college uses Nebero proxy on the gateway computer. You have to first login to get net access. It is quite annoying since it is even blocking shortcodes. I have been trying to get the Tor Browser package to connect to the net but it always get stuck at "Establishing an encrypted directory...
  3. F

    Wi Fi Router query

    i was thinking of buying a router for my existing Broadband connection. Preferably this one Netgear WGR614 Wireless-N 150 Router | Router | My broadband connection comes via ethernet cable and I use it on my Desktop and Laptop. I have my laptop from like a year, so earlier I used...
  4. A

    Connecting desktop PC with laptop using wi fi router.

    hi i have a wi fi router and a desktop PC connected to it with a ethernet cable and i just bought a laptop and i want to share my files on both computers. i just want to know that can i connect my desktop pc with my laptop using the router. My PC dont have wi fi, it is connected with a...
  5. Siddharth_1

    Problem with using ASP to connect to access database

    I am having some problem with the ASP code that i am using to connect with access DB Here is the code: The error i am getting is this: Line 8 is ' objConn.Open strConn '. PLS HELP!!
  6. suvajit

    Help needed for buying wireless router to use with wishnet cable broadband

    Hi all!! I am using wishnet cable broadband in my laptop to connect to internet. A lan cable from local cable walla's office goes directly into the RJ45 port of my laptop. They have configured a static ip (172.x.x.x), subnet mask (255.x.x.x) and gateway (172.x.x.x) and I have to connect through...
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    use cable/broadband connection as wi-fi?

    any body has any idea how to do this i'm planning to take a mtnl broadband only plan im thinking if i connect the cable to a wi-fi router will i be able to use my broadband as wi-fi?
  8. J

    wi-fi router configuration .....

    Hi everyone, Need all ur help i m using reliance broadband. Like other broadband connection this broadband doesn't have any modem\router i directly get a Ethernet wire from outside and i connect it directly with my laptop\desktop. Now i want my connection to be wi-fi one i m planning to buy...
  9. R

    Trying to connect windows 7 and XP using lan cable

    Yeah, I searched many threads for the solution, tried them but didn't seem to work. On my windows 7 laptop, the connection comes out as "unidentified public network" and I can't do anything about it. I tried adding the IP and/or even went with the automatic IP detection part. Still, I was not...
  10. C

    Unable to use ethernet and WI-FI simultaneously

    I have been using Dlink 2750U for some time now. I was using usb wireless card on PC to connect to modem/router but it couldn't connect properly over long distance so I started using internet through ethernet on my PC. Now, the problem is when I am using internet on my PC (ethernet) wifi stops...
  11. S

    Pattern Unblock in Celkon Andriod Mobile 97I

    i have the same problem with my Celkon 97I,i forgot the unlock pattern,and its eventually locked,i tried to input my google account and it says my username and password is incorrect.i tried to reset my phone by pressing the menu key+back key while booting the phone and i select reset device,and...
  12. B

    External HDD with or without External Power

    Hey Guys, In a few days i am going to buy an External HDD of 1tb or more, and i wanted to ask if should i buy the one with an external power or without it, as i will connect it to my pc and tv only
  13. R

    No display on the monitor

    i have biostar g31 mobo,core 2 duo 2.2ghz procc,cooler master 600w psu and xfx 9800gtx gpu.When i connect my monitor to the gpu via dvi to vga adapter no display comes on the monitor,when the gpu is on the mobo and the monitor is connected to the onboard intel igp still no display comes.Only...
  14. K

    WiFi Router

    hello digit, i am planning to buy a WiFi router. Can you suggest me requirements are- 1) WiFi router with an USB port(sharing hard disk data) 2) router with a reasonable range.a signal that can penetrate through 3-4 walls. 3) the price should be within rs4000 4) at least one...
  15. N

    TP-link does not repeat Encore Router signal

    I have the following: Modem: Thomson TG508 (GVT Brazil) Router: Encore ENLWI-SG I bought a new Access Point: TP-Link TL-WA701ND Description: The Thomson modem and Encore router work normally with internet, but when I add the TP-Link repeater increases the signal but can not connect to...
  16. O

    dell m110 projector audio out?

    in a review posted here- Dell M110 Projector Review - LCD TVs | Plasma TV & Televisions | ThinkDigit Reviews You've said that the av in can double up as a av out so that I can connect external speakers. Well, I have tried to connect external speakers to the av in port but could not get it to...
  17. R

    Help me to connect my tablet to GPRS

    I bought a 7 inch tablet from this Ebay link assuming it was Momo9 but thetablet came with no name on it. However it working fine as of now.Is it possible to connect Tata photon plus for general browsing in this tablet.Am new to this hence adding some pictures.The tablet has a micro usb port...
  18. clmlbx

    Need a Wi-fi Router-modem for around 2K

    Hello guys, I wish to buy a modem cum router for my Airtel broadband.. .I need one wired connection for my Desktop and all other device will be connected with Wifi.. at least 3-4 mobiles plus couple of laptop and printer.. .. very rarely they are all gonna connect at a same time.. I also need...
  19. icekid

    Use DVD player on 19 inch monitor

    I have an extra 19 inch monitor and a simple DVD player (with USB) it has a RGB connector (or something, those different colored 3 jacks) used to connect to a TV. Is there any way I connect DVD player to the monitor? It would be cool to watch movies. The monitor supports only VGA connectors.
  20. mohityadavx

    LG P500 WiFi Proxy authentication

    Hey I want to use my college Wifi on my cellphone the problem is since my phone (LG P500) has android version 2.3.7 oxygen rom it does not give option for authentication while connecting to proxy and to connect to my college wifi all data passes through a proxy and you have to enter your...
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