1. B


    guys i need help i need to connect my pc and my laptop for playing games via lan and sharing data how do i do it? plz help
  2. flyingcow

    Want to connect to internet using mobile [UBUNTU]

    Hey guys I want to connect to internet using my mobile on ubuntu, I am currently using joiku hotspot on my nokia x6 to use internet, but its taking up way too much battery. I tried the default wizard on ubuntu to connect to "mobile broadband" but it wont work, as soon as I connect it it gets...
  3. kool

    [BSNL 2am-8am NU ] how to set auto connect in Windows 8.1 Pro ?

    Hi guys, On windows 7 , I was using BB SCHEDULER to auto connect BSNL pppoe connection at 02.10am and auto disconnect and shutdown at 07:45m. Now i've installed Windows 8.1 Pro yesterday. And this BB scheduler is not working , it dont connect. Even after setting program compatibility mode it...
  4. nvrmndryo

    Not able to connect to hotspot via connectify or ad-hoc in windows 8.1

    I upgraded to windows 8.1 . After that I am not able to connect via hotspot. I share my wired broadband via wifi dongle using Connectify me , but yesterday after upgrading to windows 8.1 I am unbale to connect to wifi . Everything shows ok , connectify created hotspot etc but When I try to...
  5. deepakkrishnan

    WiFi Setup : D-Vois broadband

    Hi, I'm using d-vois broadband (nerul) and have recently purchased a wireless router. I'm able to connect to the wireless router , surf internet and download/upload stuff and and no issues with the internet speed. But I'm unable to use my wireless network on any other device. People who use...
  6. funskar

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here

    Anyone using Bsnl wimax & need auto connect config or firmware contact here .. Just tell the model name of your wimax outdoor cpe & screenshot of the admin login .. I will provide auto connect config or firmware ..
  7. D

    Can't connect my s3 through wifi

    Hello guys This problem that I've been having is a bit complicated one and I hope you guys can help. Firstly an overview of devices that I have- Nexus 4 S3 Samsung grand A micromax phone IPod touch A netbook All my devices are able to connect to wifi except the s3 which I bought about a week...
  8. ajayritik

    Unable to login to the ISP and unabel to connect to internet if router is used

    I have a Netgear N 150 router which I use to connect to internet so that I can connect other devices using WIFI. However for the past two days I find that I'm unable to go beyond the ISP Login Page. I get the following Error Message when I try to login . Your Maximum Sessions Completed...
  9. N

    Urgent Help needed: USB Extension cable

    Bought a USB extension cable today. Its just 150-200 cms long. I bought it for my tv which has a USB port on the back and its difficult to connect pen drive there Today I tried connecting pen drives and my external hard disk using this cable, but they were not recognisedat all I used the...
  10. T

    How to connect Tp link wifi router with Bsnl Wmax

    I have taken Bsnl wimax connection last month.. The wimax device is from zte name ox253p .. When I power on the cpe then I have to always click connect in browser then after few seconds the wimax gets connected.. Recently I bought TP-LINK TL-WR740N router for my bsnl wimax.. Speed &...
  11. Krow

    Some devices can't connect to WiFi modem router

    I have an MTNL connection and am using the WiFi modem router provided by the ISP. The model number is 450TC1, think the company is Beetel (not sure). Some devices can connect to this without a problem, but others take several attempts. All devices can establish a connection to the modem, but...
  12. M

    Input Jack blocked

    i am having gigabyte b75m d3h mobo. i inserted a jack in input jack at back of the board and that jack got broken inside the jack and now i am not able to connect other pin in it. any solutions?
  13. omega44-xt

    Cannot connect to WiFi of my router

    I have a BSNL teracom modem. I have configured its wifi using I'm unable to connect to Wifi....... Any solution?
  14. makwanamilan96

    Micromax introduces Smart Stick

    This converts the LED TV into smart TV it is connected to HDMI port OF TV.. now i am little bit confused about The product. they says you can connect keyboard,mouse and USB dongle with it. so to use internet we need to connect keyboard and dongle as well so how to connect with Stick >>...
  15. A

    Can virus affect outside virtual machine?

    When I connect pendrive to the pc, it connect in virtual machine if open, but my question is that if pd connected first of all origional os,then virtual machine,within that short time span could virus enter in origional os? I'm using widows 7 outside and windows xp in virual os.
  16. T

    Configuring Router for PPPoE connection

    My brother is facing problems while installing router (Tp-link TL-WR740N 150 Mbps Wireless Router without Modem) in his home. The broadband connection is of a local company in South Gujarat. Till now, he used to connect to the Internet by launching a shortcut where he would enter a user id and...
  17. A

    Best Speaker/Music System/Home thearer in and around 10k

    2.1 or 5.1 doesn't matter, sound reproduction should be good. Main usage is going to be Music, occasional Movies and Gaming. Computer Speaker system or Home theater, doesn't matter, but if its a home theater then it should have option to connect to a pc. Would love to have remote, but not...
  18. anon232

    TP-Link WR841N not connecting to ISP

    Recently my TP-Link WR841N isn't connecting to my ISP.I tried resetting,upgrading,downgrading the firmware but to no avail. Although i can directly connect to the ISP via my PC. What can I do?
  19. A

    How to connect Tata Photon Plus USB Data card on my Ubuntu 12.04

    Hi I'm new to Ubuntu, when I insert my Tata Photon Plus Data card, it doesn't connect to Internet. Also in Network Settings for Mobile Broadband it shows disconnected. How can I start my connection.
  20. A

    [For Sale] Google Nexus 10 16GB Tablet. Mint Condition.

    Hi, I am selling off my Google Nexus 10 Tablet which was bought in December 2012. Purchased from US Google Play store and shipped via Shopandship. The tablet is in excellent condition. No scratches anywhere and no problem in hardware/software as well. The tablet has 16GB Internal memory...
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