1. R

    Unable to connect LCD HDMI with ATI Radeon HD6670

    hi I recently assembled a PC with AMD Phenom II X6 1090T with a graphics card ATI Radeon HD6670. The card has an HDMI port which I am trying to connect with my LCD TV. However, when I connect my Sony Bravia LCD TV, it always says unsupported signal from PC. However, the same TV is working...
  2. H

    Software to download Manga/Comics from websites

    Hello Everyone...I am looking for any free software that is available that can be used to download all the chapters of selected manga/comics from the websites that host them to be read online.... I have tried mangadownloader but it ended up crashing my pc more often than even try to connect...
  3. R

    crysis multiplayer help

    i recently installed crysis for a gud multiplayer fps experience. i search for internet games in multiplayer and find many serevers. i try to connect to a server and it says " unable to connect game version differs from the server" or something like that. then i try to connect to other servers...
  4. A

    wirelss networking MTNL

    I have recently got a mtnl broadband connection. I am told that i can connect to any computer in the range of 30 mts using wifi. I tried with my laptop and it is working fine. My desktop is not wifi enabled. I was earlier using a reliance netconnect+ dongle to connect to my desktop. I have...
  5. balakrish

    How to connect two computers using single port in Modem?

    Hi friend! I'm currently using iBall baton which is ADSL2+Router. It has ONLY one lan port but i have a pc and a laptop. Now i want to share my internet using this modem. but i don't know anyother way than using a router. is there anyway to connect using that modem without adding...
  6. digit1191

    join cs1.6 non steam

    connect join . server hosted and ready. join
  7. izzikio_rage

    How to connect my android to the internet using my laptop's internet dongle

    Hey guys I have a MTS net connect dongle and since the net on my Galaxy pop android phone is pretty expensive I wanted to know a way to make my phone use the net on my laptop. I've tried setting up a WIFI ad hoc network on my laptop and sharing net on that, but my phone can't seem to...
  8. justme101

    Help in Forwarding Ports for CS Source dedicatd server..!!!!

    Ok let me know if this is the wrong thread... I set up a CS Source using SRCDS server tutorial and put in a Mani admin plugin. Now all was fine when i had only a modem. I went and bought a Belkin F7D1401zb N150 Modem + Router because i wanted to go WiFi..suddenly no one can connect to my...
  9. D

    USB OnThe Go query

    i am looking forward to buy experia u but actually it has no sd card slot here are my some doubts 1.can i install apps in pendrive or micro sd card(using Apps2SD) using usb OTG battery last less if i use OTG frequently 3. can i connect a usb mouse and use as a pointer 4. if i...
  10. Renny

    TV Tuner question

    Hi, Zebronics - TV tuners - External LCD* ZEB-L2012 I've want to buy this TV Tuner, since its an external one can I record shows on my computer from it? Will I be able to connect my PS2 to my HD monitor using this TV Tuner?(Through the A/V input and output from D-Sub) Any other better...
  11. H

    Advice required in buying a portable wifi router

    Hi I wish to buy a portable 3g wifi router with some battery back up. Do you have any idea about this one Micromax MMX400R Micromax Mobile : mmx400r I need this for my micromax funbook can I connect this to my pc thru a usb cable to connect to the internet kindly give your...
  12. D

    printing wirelessly from android

    I have a Canon PIXMA MG3170 printer and i want to print my project i collected on my android phone. Please tell me how to connect and print from the printer please.
  13. justme101

    HTC Explorer...WiFi problem..!!!

    I can connect to my office WiFi everytime without any problems. It uses a static IP though which is not an issue. But the thing i am pissed off about is that i recently bought a Belkin N150 modem+router and tried to connect to it from the phone. It worked fine for 2 days...but from the 3rd day...
  14. koolent

    Ethernet doesn't work when connected to desktop, works with laptop !

    I have a desktop and a laptop both ! And a BSNL Teracom modem for both. Well I only use 1 Ethernet cable for both the Desktop and the Laptop and connect it to the desired device!!. The problem is that when I connect the cable to the DESKTOP, it shows "No Internet Access" but when...
  15. Anand_Tux

    Micromax Funbook problems

    Hello friends, I have bought the funbook today but unfortunately it is not recognised whenever I connect to my pc. It also hangs when I connect my airtel 3G datacard, please help me friends :cry:
  16. N

    Connecting TATA SKY PLUS to a laptop

    Guys i need some help can I connect Tata Sky plus to my laptop through HDMI cable?? Currently my tatasky+ is connected to my HD TV through just an HDMI it possible to connect it to my laptop as well, the same way? that is without a TV tuner?? Please Help.
  17. pramudit

    [HELP] multiplayer gaming over internet on a pc connected to LAN

    i have got a 3G modem and galaxy Y. when i connect via modem, it connects as dial up so my friends are able to easily connect to my game via my IP address. But when i use my Galaxy Y, it tethers connection and my computer is connected as a node in LAN and my friends are not able to connect to my...
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