1. S

    Need WIFI Router

    I need Wifi router to use my BSNL broadband to my devices - laptop and 2 Android phones I use username and pass everytime to connect to internet from the desktop...So need an best possible wifi router that gives good signal n speed for 2400sq ft home..I Don't know about the router prices so...
  2. nvrmndryo

    suggest best 5.1 speakers within 20k.

    I am looking for good set of 5.1 for my PC as well i want them to connect to my ps3 . previously i have used Logitech z5500D. i dont want to go for Logitech z906 as they r not good as z5500 , i need bass like 5500 , i am mostly going to use them on pc n ps3 for games ,movies and music. If i...
  3. V

    Connecting Pendrive to Micromax Funbook talk Tablet

    I want to connect Pendrive to my Micromax funbook talk p350 Tablet but it has mini USB port, so suggest me what are the ways to connect it. Is there any cable that i can purchase.
  4. A

    issue while connecting LCD to Computer via HDMI .. problem !!

    I am trying to connect my Videocon LCD TV 19" via HDMI to my computer (Mobo : gigabite H61M D2H via HDMI). On the LCD screen, i jus get blank screen displayed with 4095 X 768 X 60Hz displayed oin the corner of the screen. I am clueless ??? wht should i do??? But when i connect the same to...
  5. KiLL

    Which is the best 5.1 speakers ???

    Hello, I want to get a 5.1 speaker from online.......... my budget is max 4k.... I will use it for gaming.... also if i connect that to my led tv and use hdmi cable,will i get sound???
  6. ajayritik

    Need a good USB Extension Cable to connect USB Devices to Smart TV

    I have a Samsung Smart TV to which I plug in my USB devices such as Pen Drive and External HDD to watch videos etc. However since its cumbersome to connect the devices directly off the ports since they are back off the TV is there anyway I can get a decent USB Extension Male to Female cable. I...
  7. Akshay

    Connect 2 wireless routers - wirelessly

    I am using DLink nano wifi adapter on my PC to connect to my Netgear DGND3700 modem + router. However, the wifi adapter can only get 2 bars (out of 5) and the connection keeps dropping. Also I am unable to watch movies on my NAS drive with Dlink. There is no problem with Netgear router since my...
  8. tousif

    iball wireless router issue

    i recently purchased iball wireless router WRX150NE. i have local ISP. i configured the router thru static IP given by the provider. my ISP also gave username and password to connect to the internet. so each tym i strt the laptop i need to enter username and password aftr opening my browser for...
  9. A

    Suggestions for 32" Full HD TV @ under 34k

    Please suggest the best TV which satisfies all the below requirements: 1) Only 32 Inch 2) Full HD 3) Budget : Strictly Under 34.5k 4) Use: Only DTH for atleast for the next 2 years and may connect a PS3 after that if the TV lasts that long 5) Only - Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Onida and...
  10. Y

    Unable to create/join homegroup

    My Wireless Router is connected to Desktop (running Windows7 & 64 bit) & Panasonic TV through wire. Two laptops running 32bit Windows7 connect to the Router through wifi. Network Location in all computers is set as Home Network. I am able to share music, videos and pictures on both the...
  11. V

    Need Help for Led TV 32inch....

    Hi Experts, I want to buy full hd led tv and my budget is some where around 36 to 38 ? I can extend 1k or 2k. Could you please suggest some good led tv with the below feature? a. Full hd. b. Smart Tv is not reuired (Optional ). c. Best picture Quality. d. Gaming console: I also want to...
  12. L

    HELP!!!! Note 2 won't connect to WiFi

    Note 2 won't no longer connect to WiFi after updating tot he latest firmware - 4.1.2. Keeps telling me weak signal and refuses to obtain IP address, it does not even register as a connected device on my modem configuration page. Point is it was working fine prior to me updating to the latest...
  13. O

    My asus rt-n16 stopped working after firmware upgrade!!!

    My 2 months old asus rt-n16 was perfectly until yesterday night when i uploaded to latest firmware Version from Version I was upgrading wirelessly, it upgraded successfully after which it said to reboot the router manually. After i did that router stopped working...
  14. H

    RDP problem over CableNet

    I have two Internet connections : 1. Tikona Broadband 2. CableNet Internet connection When I connect to my office using VPN I could access all my office servers using mstsc from the laptop but when I am on CableNet Internet with the same laptop even though it gets connected to office VPN...
  15. theserpent

    Not able to connect my nexus 10 to wifi[Tethered using nokia e6-joku)

    Hey there Guys i tethered my nokia e6 using joku spot. My ipod,laptop are able to detect it but the nexus 10 is not even able to detect it. Any idea how to get it to connect and detect? Asked in XDA too, but no reply :(
  16. T

    DIY Speakers: Made from Scratch with 3.5mm input.

    Hi, I am planning on making a speaker box with a 3.5mm input cable so that I can connect my phone or laptop and listen to music. I was planning on putting 2 tweeters and 1 sub woofer but I am not sure how to connect all of them... I will also require an amplifier (I just need a small one...
  17. O

    Configuring wireless router for two computers

    At present I have a laptop with wireless, and a desktop for which I am going to buy a USB wireless adapter. I have a wireless ADSL router modem. What I want to do is this - keep the desktop downstairs and connect it to the router with the USB wireless adapter. Keep the router upstairs, not...
  18. S

    Connecting funbook to Dell U2312HM,Possible?

    Is this possible to connect MM Funbook with dell u2312hM?
  19. S

    KVM Switch

    Hi.. Anybody knows whats the best make and model of KVM switches (or anything similar) out there in the market to connect 2-3 PC's? My setup: 1 PC running windows 1 PC running linux 1 laptop 1 full-HD monitor What i require is to connect the linux and windows PC's to the same HD monitor, and...
  20. V

    connect laptop to tv?

    how to connect laptop to a TV? i dnt have any high tech tv...just a colour tv with a/v cables(red yellow and white cables)...i also have a tv tuner hardware which might help in connection but i dont know how to do it!
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