1. RCuber

    Gaming Keyboard + Mouse 5-6K

    Hey Guys, After long time I am thinking of switching back to keyboard and mouse for gaming. Please suggest me one for 5-6K MAX for both combined ( Strict, please don't go above this budget ) I am thinking about G105 and G400 Note: USB ( unless PS/2 to USB converter is included )...
  2. iittopper

    [Query] Am i eligble for intel warranty for processor ?

    Hello guys . I have bought intel core i3 2120 3.3ghz in october last year . But i dont have invoice nor do i have the box in which processor came . I just have processor and its heatsink . I am thinking of selling it but wants to confirm whether i am eligible for warranty in case anything happens .
  3. mandarpalshikar

    Require upgrade over TX650V2 to power my crossfirex setup

    Friends... take a look at my rig in signature and suggest a solid PSU. Budget - around 10k. Reason is that I'm worried if I OC my gfx cards along with proccy, TX650V2 wont be able to provide enough juice to them, its more than a year old now. I will be adding two 120MM Fans as well in my case to...
  4. A

    HP has an offer! Do check it out!

    Hello guys, Don't know how many of you are aware of this offer or not, I just got to know about it yesterday from HP exclusive store. --> HP is offering 2 years extended warranty for Rs.2000 all its i5 laptops (2 years warranty extension without this offer is around 6k). The offer started on Dec...
  5. koltanga

    Second-Hand iPad Or New Galaxy Tab 2?

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a tablet. I have given myself a budget of 20,000 preferably less. I presently own a desktop and a company-issued laptop, so I don't see myself using the Tablet too much. I actually want to buy a tablet for my parents, because it breaks my heart to watch them...
  6. RCuber

    Sound card / AMP Investment query

    Hey Guys, Till this day I didn't think much about investing in a dedicated sound card. My motherboard is Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL (Realtek ALC892 audio codec) and I'm not satisfied with the SQ of the same. 80% of the time I use my Panasonic DJ100 Headphones and thinking of buying a different...
  7. S

    Nexus 7 32 GB:thinking of buying it,need suggestions.

    I am thinking of buying nexus 7 32 GB.I had gone through ebay and tradus,on both of the sites the nexus 10 is more than 30k(16gb) only.That's way too pricey!So i am thinking of buying nexus 7 but i have heard of some screen issues with nexus 7,is it true? Google Nexus 7 screen popping up from...
  8. D

    docomo dongle on Aircel sim ?

    Has anybody tried using an aircel sim in an unlocked docomo device. Docomo and Aircel have some kind of sharing and a docomo sim is always able to see Aircel network when searched for. Thinking to change to aircel as they have cheaper plans.. I have Huawei e177 device.
  9. webgenius

    Should I invest in an apartment now?

    Hi guys, I'm 26.5 years old. I stay with my parents, brother, sis-is-law and nephew in our own house. In total, there are 6 members in our house. I work in a reputed MNC and my take home is around 75k per month. I have 24L of liquid cash. I'm thinking of investing in an apartment now...
  10. V

    Mid-range partial gaming rig. Need Advice

    I was thinking of upgrading my PC a while ago, but as of now I'll just buy a new one. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid...
  11. V

    Mid-range gaming rig. Need Advise.

    Mid-range gaming rig. Need Advice I was thinking of upgrading my PC a while ago, but as of now I'll just buy a new one. 1. Motherboard - ? 2. Processor - i5 Ivy -which one? 3.Graphics Card - budget 15k - thinking of gtx 660 but I wonder what it costs and as to, if it will be available...
  12. G

    which tv i should go ???

    HI all i want to buy 3d tv 32 inch below 45 k. can anyone suggest me which one i should go for first i thought of going for samsung 32eh6030R ,but after reading reviews here in this site im thinking to buy LG 32LM6200. Can you tell me is there any better options than these two. thanks
  13. M

    Router for 13 meter radicus

    hi i got mtnl 1 Mbps connection on my modem 8-) i am thinking of buying wireless router since i got 3 laptops and 4-5 androids :P even though all wont be connected to it all the time :wink: i am thinking of keeping my modem just like that and attach router from its LAN port but i want...
  14. S

    HTPC set up or HD media player??

    OK here's the deal - I've got quite a LARGE movie collection I've acquired over the years; plenty of movie CDs we bought, (500+) downloaded stuff, and so on. Thinking about a way to organize it and consolidate it into one entertainment system. How I want it to be - I'll back up all the CDs...
  15. S

    Graphic Card query

    hello i need to buy a new graphic card. my budget is around 7k. my pc's config is- -intel core i5 3450 -intel db75en motherboard 6 gb ddr3 ram and a 450w psu i m thinking about buying the zotac gt640 2gb graphic card thanking you in advance.
  16. CommanderShawnzer

    use cable/broadband connection as wi-fi?

    any body has any idea how to do this i'm planning to take a mtnl broadband only plan im thinking if i connect the cable to a wi-fi router will i be able to use my broadband as wi-fi?
  17. A

    Should i buy 2 TB Internal HDD or Two 1 TB HDDs?

    WD Caviar 2 TB Internal HDD is going for 6.1K at flip kart. I was thinking about reliability of 2 TB HDD. What if it fails? the entire 2 TB just gone. The Plan i had in my mind is to buy 1 TB right now and then later purchase another 1 TB when prices fall further. I dont store really important...
  18. ajayashish

    Keyboard and Gaming Mouse

    Hi, I am planning to buy a nice gaming mouse and a keyboard. Please suggest. I am thinking of G400 as the mouse and confused about the keyboard. Some of the keyboard I am thinking of are Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 Keyboard | Keyboard | Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard |...
  19. A

    Advanced P&S or Mirrorless?

    At one time, I almost bought the Panasonic FZ150...but plans got changed due to some other issues. Now, Panasonic FZ150 is out of stock. So, I thought of having a look at various options in the price range (20-25K). I am thinking to go with an advanced P&S camera or a mirrorless one. So...
  20. C

    Review for Reliance night booster plan ..??

    I am thinking to get a new broadband connection i dont want any fup ****..I am thinking to go with the plan with 1mbps speed in daytime and 2mbps in night.. I am from Bhopal,MP. Are these reliance connections really good and do they actually provide these speeds? I have heard that they lower the...
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