Nexus 7 32 GB:thinking of buying it,need suggestions.


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I am thinking of buying nexus 7 32 GB.I had gone through ebay and tradus,on both of the sites the nexus 10 is more than 30k(16gb) only.That's way too pricey!So i am thinking of buying nexus 7 but i have heard of some screen issues with nexus 7,is it true?
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I am buying it for Gaming and reading PDF's.


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the screen issue AFAIK was fixed.
there was a seller on ebay selling the 32 gb nexus 7 for ~19.5k in mumbai...i had contacted the seller and bookmarked it but then i checked a couple of days ago and the price had risen to 26k.
but i still see deals of the nexus 7 32 gb at <25k.
Mind you,its a beautiful and excellent tablet and if ever you see a good deal grab it with your eyes closed.
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