1. P

    need help buying a phone below 31k(max)...

    i am planning to buy an android mobile below plz suggest me guys...iam thinking of xperia about it?? and plse suggest a trusty website from which i can buy.. :)
  2. S

    Mobile under 15k

    I am currently using Samsung Star S 5233,now m thinking of changing my mobile.I have a budget of 15k can be exceeded till 16k,I am thinking of Sony miro or BB curve 9380,But confused,plz suggest me or any other in this range??
  3. S

    does zotac india provide gpu upgrade options

    hi all,I have zotac gtx460 1gb bought 2 yrs back now its almost EOL,so I was thinking of upgrading it to 560ti or 660ti.Can I contact zotac & ask for upgrade with some extra amount?
  4. pulkitpopli2004

    need performance increase of my laptop

    This is my laptop configuration.. Presently task manager state is this.. So laptop running is very slow,.. Please help me in increasing performance.. I was thinking of adding up 2 GB RAM bt need your opinions..
  5. S

    3G mobile Connection and Data card difference

    Hi all, i was thinking about one thing today ... I have a Idea 3G Connection , Right now using 3g on PC via Mobile. I was thinking if i Put my mobile sim in any one of the 3G USB dongles (netsettlers) , will it work ????? has any one tried it ???? how to Install and configure...
  6. scavanger007

    Purchasing Printer

    Hello people, I m thinking of purchasing printer for home use. I have almost decided on Canon - MP 287 Printer. My budget is about 3.5k to 4k. So far the above mentioned printer fits well in the budget. I am also thinking of purchasing tricolour cartridge (XL size) with it which costs about...
  7. T

    Lg e612

    LG E612: Price in India, Reviews, Specification: Is this good enough for its cost? Thinking about buying it.
  8. N

    Android phone in 15K

    Suggest an Android phone around 15K... I am thinking of Xperia U
  9. reniarahim1

    Suggession for LGA1155 Motherboard.

    Hi All, I am looking for a motherboard which will go along with Intel G620 Dual Core processor. HDMI and DVI are mandatory and if USB 3 is present well and good. Too many chipsets and i am confused. :-? Main purpose will be playing HD videos and normal computing tasks. No gaming. I am...
  10. Champ

    Suggestions required for a ASDL2+ Model + Wifi N Router

    Hi, As number of connected devices in home is increasing, thinking about upgrading my UTStar wa3002 provided my MTNL. Requirements (Priority wise) 1. ASDL2+ Model (Will be used on MTNL 2Mbps connection) 2. 802.11N Support 3. Good Range of 3 rooms 4. Gigabit LAN. My initial research...
  11. iittopper

    best mouse for Gaming especially FPS

    Hi i wanna buy a gaming mouse . Budget is 2k ( can extend a bit) . Need mainly for fps/tps games . Currently i am thinking of logitech g400/g300 or deathadder . any more suggestion is appreciated...:-)
  12. K

    suggest a 4 to 4.3inch screen android phone

    I am using Galaxy 3 for last 20 months and the phone is still going strong. My needs from phone are the phone functionality, browsing and maps with GPS when I am out for which galaxy 3 is enough. But I am sick of the lag it has. It takes few seconds to launch contacts or dial pad or to make a...
  13. D

    Huawei Ideos x5 pro

    I am thinking of buying this phone? Does not seem to be a popular one by the total lack of any thread here! If there is someone out there who is using it, or at least has fiddled with it, may I have his feedback please. Thank you.
  14. S

    NXG Xtab A10 plus review

    Recently I have been hearing a lot about this new tablet launched by NXG Electronics Pvt Ltd called as “XTAB A10 PLUS” with specifications of 1.5 GHZ ,capacitive IPS screen, 1024*600 resolutions,dual camera, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory with 4.0.3 ICS OS at a launching price of RS-7990/-...
  15. B

    Suggestion needed for buying processor

    Hi! i have amd x2 260 3.2ghz ..gigabyte ga78lmt-s2p mobo. . i was thinking of selling my current processor to a friend(only 5 months old Processor).. and buy a new amd processor within 5.5k. . purpose gaming. . i was thinking of athlon x4 635 @4k Or phenom x4 @5.5k ..but in the...
  16. Ayuclack

    Going To Canada Thinking To Get Asus Transformer

    I am Visiting Canada For Few Days and thinking to Buy Some Stuff From There So after Seeing The Price Difference in iPad Started Searching for Tablets .... Finally Made List of Stuff It For Asus Transformer Prime 32 GB for 499 CAD ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T 32 GB with Docking Station...
  17. C

    Buying a Laptop

    How reliable is this? I mean yes it's manufacturer refurbished but how do I know of it's condition? How can I check for scratches or stuff like that before I buy it? this is my first time (if i proceed) to buy anything I'm kind of scared...but I really like it for the price and it's...
  18. win32.tr0jan

    mobo supporting lga775+ddr3

    Am on D945GCL, E7500. I want to upgrade my RAM from 2GB to 4GB or more.But am currently on DDR2,and its prices have rocketed up. So, I am thinking of upgrading to DDR3. Please suggest me a good motherboard that supports both 775 socket and ddr3 ram, below 5k.
  19. Ayuclack

    New DSLR Within 40k

    Just got my hand on nikon 3100 and fell in Love with It ... Now my dad is telling me to get a Dslr for him self Thinking to get the same 3100 or Canon 550D. Mostly towards 550 d what do you guys say... Any other suggestion!!!
  20. saswat23

    Howz this tablet cum netbook?

    Found this: XElectron Netbook From the specs and price it looks very good. Can anyone else confirm the same. One of my friends is thinking of getting this.
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