[Query] Am i eligble for intel warranty for processor ?


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Hello guys . I have bought intel core i3 2120 3.3ghz in october last year . But i dont have invoice nor do i have the box in which processor came . I just have processor and its heatsink . I am thinking of selling it but wants to confirm whether i am eligible for warranty in case anything happens .


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No box = no serial number on the box, but there is serial number written over the heatsink..
I'm confused about this matter.
Please call Intel toll free number of confirm this case.


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Yup, Digicare(service centre for Intel) will check Sl-no. from over the processor not from the box. So, that shouldnt be a problem. Just ask your local dealers to provide any empty processor box so that if anything goes wrong, then you can atleast enclose your processor in that and send it for RMA.
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