Router for 13 meter radicus


i got mtnl 1 Mbps connection on my modem :cool:
i am thinking of buying wireless router since i got 3 laptops and 4-5 androids :p
even though all wont be connected to it all the time :wink:

i am thinking of keeping my modem just like that and attach router from its LAN port
but i want router which will cover 2 flats which are side by side :confused: (40 sqft good range is my aim)
confusion is if i place router on one end of my flat will other flat get good range if doors are closed and all
please suggest good router

my budget is around 3.5k to 4 k :rolleyes:
I will buy it from lamington road, Mumbai

Thank you
:wave: :clap2: :bananana:


Broken In
you can go for linksys wifi router

Cisco Linksys E 900 Wireless Router MRP:3679 on shopclues
Linksys E 900 Wireless Router

use this coupon SCDE10 to get 10% discount upto a max of 1000/- on electronics.
to get this product @ 1935/-


:) nice deal........... but will this be enough for steaming videos ? on full 40sqft distance
Thanks sumit for reply
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