1. digit i am thinking

    Should I use Linux for internet?

    Hi I am XP user. Coming straight to point my XP(prog. on it) got corrupt in every two months.its becoz of internet. So i am thinking of linux for only internet connection. I hav ubuntu 7.10 . should i install ubuntu 7.10?Can i used torrents in linux?.
  2. moshel

    PSP or MP3 player

    I have been in a dilemma in the past few weeks. I was on the lookout for a portable MP3 player 4-8 gb with an expansion slot had finalised on Cowon D2 and then the Creative Zen. but today when i actually held them (had been to croma), they were toooo small, especially as i have large hands...
  3. anish_sha

    Laptop HDD changing, is it DIY job?

    Hi, i wanna change my sony vaio laptop's harddisk as its hdd got crashed.. Can it be done myself? Or better to give to service centres? They take hell of time to get it repaired , thats why i'm thinking of doing it myself.. I had pretty good knowledge about desktop but never disassembled a...
  4. R

    iPod or iTouch or any other

    I have abudget of Rs.12,000. I want to play audio aswell as video. I am thinking of buying iPod classic 6th Gen 80GB. Do you have any other suggestions?
  5. krates

    please please 3rd thread now help me buy a mobile under 6k

    hey all mobile monsters i am going to buy a mobile day after tommorow under 6200rs please help me select the right one this is my 3rd thread i haven't got any replies in my last two thread about mobile under that much plz help i am thinking to W300I Don't tell me to buy nokia classic...
  6. iatb.gourav

    Best Buy - 12 K

    Hello friends . I know that a similar topic was discussed recently but I couldn't really get any conclusions from there. Well, I'd like a "All-in-one" kind of a phone. I mean, good camera, good music, descent looks and blah blah blah ... I was thinking of W810i but just wanted to know if...
  7. ajayritik

    iPhone or iPod touch? Help me decide

    My friend is coming over from US so I had asked him to get an MP3 player and suggested him to check about iPod touch or iPhone. I know many people in this forum would suggest to go for something other than iPod stuff. My budget is between 10k-15k($250-$400) and it can be stretched a little bit...
  8. R

    Need a new Laptop

    hi, My friend is thinking of buying a laptop in the range 55-65k,He is thinking of the Dell inspiron 1720.He asked me whether its a good one and if not,which to go for.Since i don't know anything about laptops,i request u guys to help me out.Thanks in advance.
  9. N

    New PSU

    i need a new PSU for the followinng config 1.Q6600 + P5N 32-E Sli 2.Gskill DDR 2 800 ram--have 4 but 2gb atm 3.3/4 sata hdds 4.XFX 8600GTS 5.Motu 1010lt everything Air cooled i was thinking of getting either zebronics pure plt 500W or cooler master 460W.budget around 2800-2900.cant extend.
  10. Pragadheesh

    to develop a linux softeware using Qt..

    hi, i'm trying to develop a software for linux which 'll display the hardware details of the system, processes that are running and how to optimize the system, softwares installed and how to manage the softwares etc... thinking of developing it using Qt.. but 'm new to Qt.. so can u people...
  11. gsoul2soul

    Suggest a Name... for PUG!!

    Well I've got a new puppy... it's of PUG breed!! Now she is funny... has this mischievous look on her face 24/7 So I was thinking "Rakhi" Also was thinking "Paris"... but then looking at "Our Hilton Sister"... i'm scared, my pup might grow to be a slutty doggie in the neighborhood :D...
  12. ring_wraith

    Weirdest threads in this forum

    Here is a thread to post the weirdest and most pointless threads that exist on the digit forum. Just to highlight all those "What was I thinking" moments ;) I'll start off : * and ...
  13. Pathik

    Niit Nitat

    Any1 giving this apti test? Does it have any value? m thinking to go for it. *
  14. Dark Star

    Wine Helppp/

    Ok Finally I am thinking of using Wine .. How to install games via Wine I know nothing abt it and how to use them ... Regards
  15. royal

    Western 750 GB External HDD

    Friends, I need to buy a 750 GB external HDD for storing movies/documentaries/eBooks etc. The 400 GB one that I have is already full :mad: , So I was thinking of going for this . Need your feedback on how good you think it is and whether there is much difference with this . Actually I was...
  16. sachin_kothari

    Graphics Card under 2.5k

    My PC Configuration is as follows: AMD Athlon 64 ASUS K8S-MX (On-Board Graphics) 512 MB DDR1 400 mhz Vista and Ubuntu OS. I am thinking of upgrading my system. I have already decided for 1 gb ram. I have a problem with deciding the graphics card. (on-board sux :mad: ) Since i am not a gamer...
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