Review for Reliance night booster plan ..??


Broken In
I am thinking to get a new broadband connection i dont want any fup ****..I am thinking to go with the plan with 1mbps speed in daytime and 2mbps in night.. I am from Bhopal,MP. Are these reliance connections really good and do they actually provide these speeds? I have heard that they lower the speed after specific download limit which is not mentioned by them but the do degrade the speeds.. is it true..??


Hi Chirag,
when I was in Ahmedabad I had used night booster 1Mbps plan and the throughout 1Mbpps plan and I can say that they gave what they said. Their was not no capping and I used to download about 3.6GB of data everynight :D , so the plans were good and economic(when compared to Airtel :X )...
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