1. P

    have to buy laptop

    i am new here i want to buy a laptop with a 2gb graphic memory and at least 6gb ram and i5 or i7(to b future proof) i am planning to use it fr 5 yrs main use gaming and multimedia please help....previously i was thinking of asus k53sv sx521d but prbly its production has been stopped budget...
  2. RiGOD

    VFM 2.1 Speakers below 2k

    So which is the best 2.1 PC Speakers under 2k. I'm thinking of F&D A-520. Suggestions?
  3. summers

    Confusion regarding CPU/MB

    Please suggest whether it would be advisable to go for FX-8120 with a suitable AM3+ 990 FX series Motherboard instead of Intel i5 2500K with Asus P8Z68-V MB. Is the price difference justified w.r.t to performance ..? My budget is overshooting, so was thinking of AMD combo. Would i face any...
  4. masterkd

    Thinking of buying AVast Internet Security! Needs suggestion.

    I am using Avast Internet Security(legal) for a while. Now my license is expiring within 25 days, so thinking of renewing this. So should I go with this or some other (paid/free) security suite will be better?? Advanced thanks for your valuable suggestion.
  5. anikahead2010

    Need to upgrade ancient rig

    I have and old Pentium D 3.0 Ghz with intel 946gz board lying around in dirt.Wanna Revive it and use it for movies,browsing and download. Things i wanna replace are: 1>CPU 2>MOBO 3>RAM(4gb) 4>PSU(Was thinking of GS 600) Hdd(500 GB) and case(some cheapo case) will be same and would try to sell...
  6. Ridwan Shafi

    Beginner in Robotics: help me with it

  7. A

    55-300mm Nikkor

    i was thinking of replacing my 55-200 with the 70-300 but the 55-300 is out.. so should i go for the 55-300 or the 70-300.. ??
  8. rahul.007

    URGENT-> psu upgrade + new cooler

    I will be adding a gpu in about a month or two my system and hence i am upgrading my psu. I am thinking of getting corsair gs 600. my mx budget for psu is 4k. Any other options in that range? Secondly, i will also be getting a cpu cooler.. i am thinking of getting cm hyper 212+ for abt 2.1k...
  9. rahul_c

    Scratched screen!

    So I went to a local mobile shop to laminate my mobile screen, the stupid f**ker did it all wrong. He somehow created a big-@$$ scratch in screen border from his blade! :banghead: I found it today when I removed the lamination! So now my phone look shitty from front. :mad: I was thinking of...
  10. C

    LG Optimus Net P698

    I am thinking to buy LG Optimus Net P698. I don't really need a dual sim. I was thinking to get LG Optimus Net, but some said, it is not good. Anyone used LG Optimus Net P698, any suggestions ? I will use it mostly for entertainment (video, games, music), less calls. I want to install some...
  11. A

    Thinking of a replacement..

    Thinking of a replace my nikkor lenses.. Option1>> 18-55mm+55-200mm with the 18-105mm Option2>> 18-55mm+55-200mm with the 18-200mm Am primarily into landscape, architecture and people. Suggest the best option :)
  12. T

    Flight Sims - FSX

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting FSX (last MS flight sim I played was back in 1989 , Flight Simulator 4.0) and I'd like to know if anyone here has bought the game and could share their experience. Also , suggesting a joystick for it would help. I posted on the Peripheral forums , but nobody seems...
  13. H

    BUYING an a ipod touch

    Hi everyone i am thinking of buying an ipod touch i basically need some device for videos, lectures and reading books surfing the internet listening to music with a damn good screen for it all. before buying it i wanted to know if there are any other options i should consider or is this the...
  14. S


    hi guys...i'm thinking of pursuing higher studies after engg ,but i don't want to pursue any degree in technology field so i'm thinking of management . I just have a basic idea about cat exam ,but about its portion and college selection i'm completely blind .so pls help me by telling how to...
  15. M

    confused over specs!!!!

    i m thinking of buying a dell xps15 & i am thinking of modifying it as below proce: i5 ram:8GB display:FHD hard disk:750 optical drive:Blue Ray GPU: 2GB plz tell me whether 8GB of RAM is good for i5 processor or should i stick to 6GB, will 8GB with i5 make a sense or is useless? & is...
  16. A

    New graphics card;Budget 15k. Wait or buy now?

    I was thinking of waiting for the 7xxx series from ATI. But it seems it will take quite a while. Is the 7 series likely to arrive in one month? If not which graphics card should I buy now? I am thinking of either 6870 or GTX560. pls post your suggestions. Also, power efficiency is important for...
  17. S

    Sulekha selling Galaxy R @ Rs. 18989. Go for it?

    Here's the link On clicking 'buy', a popup appears that promises to give a Rs. 1500 off coupon for 'first time users' . So is this the real deal? Otherwise was thinking of the LG O2X, but can't find it at ~19k. EDIT!: omg omg I ordered it! :O
  18. D

    Help guys! (blackberry buying advice)

    Hello guys. I want to get a Blackberry (max 15k). It should have wifi and 3G. qwerty or touch doesn't matter. I was thinking of getting Bold 9000. But I am not sure whether it's still on the market or not. Please help guys.
  19. D

    Help guys!

    Guys, I want to buy a blackberry.(I want to use a vodafone number, so cdm bbs won't do). My budget is not more than 15k. I want both wifi and 3g and it can be anything(touch or qwerty, doesn't matter). I was thinking of getting Blackberry bold 9000. But I am not sure whether it's still on...
  20. vaibhav23

    Want to buy something for upto 199$ before 11th January

    My aunt will be coming from Chicago,USA on 11th January to India. I am thinking to get a iPod 4G 8GB -199$. Any other suggestions are welcome.
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