Mid-range gaming rig. Need Advise.

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Mid-range gaming rig. Need Advice

I was thinking of upgrading my PC a while ago, but as of now I'll just buy a new one.

1. Motherboard - ?
2. Processor - i5 Ivy -which one?

3.Graphics Card - budget 15k - thinking of gtx 660 but I wonder what it costs and as to, if it will be available. Scared about the 192 bit memory bandwidth.. should I go with ATi 7850 ? CUDA is hardly useful but will miss Physx. Will be gaming @ 1080p. I play RPGs/MMOs mostly and no FPS, so need the processor to be above par too.

4. PSU - 550w - ?
5. RAM - 2or3 x 4 GB - ?

Was thinking of getting a mobo and processor for ~20k, gfx card for 15k and RAM +PSU for 7-8k or about. Also what about cooling ? how much do the non-stock coolermaster ones cost ?

I'm certain of the rest of the stuff myself so don't need info on em.

Will be buy it within a week from Nehru Palace, New Delhi. Dunno which shop(s), any advice would be appreciated.


Edit : what about 1TB 6gbps HDDs ? do they perform better in any way ? I'm not going for an SSD now.. may do.. will see how it goes when i'm buying.
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Right off the assembly line
I was leaning towards the 7850 too.

Thanks guys. I'll move the rest of it to the components section now.


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Processor - i5 3570k ~ 13k
Mobo - ASRock Z77 extreme4 ~ 9.5k or ASUS ASUS P8Z77-VLX ~ 11k
RAM - 2 x 4GB G.skill ripjaws - DDR3-1600/PC3-12800 ~ 3k
PSU -VX550 ~ 4.5k
GPU - GTX 660 ~ 15k (u should pick this over 7850 - check this for your 192 bit memory bandwidth concern - *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/attachmen...-mid-range-gaming-rig-need-advise-capture.png)


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