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  • What next ? They send a 7970 for someone who ordered a 7950 model ? lol :D
    Damn good deal I must say. lol. custom 7950 at the price of a reference. XD
    Umm, free time.. until ~20th March.
    Was busy with exams and applying to different universities, and now all done.
    Duh ! Why do you want the reference ? Customs are so much better.
    At 22.7k I would take the vapor-x. Btw, how much did you pay FK total ?
    umm.. had a bout with dengue. Mild, but it have shaken me a bit. Now, I'm just fine though.
    You are doing some very good work in terms of giving high class suggestion here.
    How did you manage to get the time to post here? :p
    Sorry to disturb you, I have been going through the forum and I find you to be one of the best in this forum.
    You are on of the few ppl who give good advice specifically to that particular need of the person.
    If it would'nt be too much trouble could you help me out with my new rig ...
    Thanks in advance :)
    Dude, May I ask what do you do? Student? Working professional?
    Cuz, you are buying one after another. :p
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