1. adityak469

    Help With Mobo

    Not sure where to post this. My friend is thinking to buy a PC(dont tell to fill up the questionnaire) and was thinking to go with i5 4670k and GTX 660. He's not sure which mobo or PSU(I told him to go with Seasonic 620W, is it more than enough?) to buy and if it'll bottleneck or not. Please...
  2. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Is the LG L90 worth it?

    Is the phone really worth? It has knock code and latest version of Android KitKat Also the display is 235dpi whereas mine is 240dpi so not much difference I am thinking to buy this later but will it provide me community support like source code from LG so i can compile cyanogenmod from source?
  3. A

    upgrading my pc is better or buying a graphic card?

    I have compaq presario sl 1732 il which i bought in year 2006 these are it's specifications: HP Support document - HP Support Center i am thinking of buying a graphic card which is ATI 5450 1gb by power colour at 2250 inr. on the other hand i am thinking of upgrading the pc too but...
  4. adityak469

    SSHD(1TB) for 7k

    i was thinking to get an upgrade in march after my exams...i was thinking to get a SSHD(1TB) as i heard they are fast,cheap and offer good storage... Please tell me where(online) and which to buy...(links will be appreciated)
  5. H2O

    Wireless Mouse Around 1K

    Hello Everyone. I'm thinking of getting a wireless mouse. Any suggestions which one I should go for? Thank You.
  6. O

    upgrading from stock 18-55 mm lens....

    ihave canon d1000 slr with the stock lens ie 18-55mm..... i was thinking of buying a new lens.... preferably telephoto zoom type...... i am thinking about two in particular Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Lens - Canon: Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens - Canon...
  7. S

    Buying My first Camera- Suggestions please

    Hi All, I want to buy Nikon D3100. Please let me know is it a good choice or is there any alternate for this in same price group. I am thinking to order it in, please advise is it good? better to buy in showroom? thanks in advance.
  8. RohanM

    UPS Query

    Hello all, We are having a Microtek inverter [800 kv] in our house as there is issue of load shading always. That inverter is also having an UPS mode. But somehow sometimes it not function, my pc gets reboot whenever there is a power cut [ not always but sometime] this already costed my one HDD...
  9. cute.bandar

    Chrome extension ideas needed

    I am kind of bored and thinking of programming a chrome/firefox extension. But am out of ideas . Does anyone have a good one ? Thanks
  10. shreymittal

    Tata Docomo [BB]

    Hey Guys, anybody using Tata Docomo BB here. If using please tell me about the service. How is your experience and all. I.m thinking to get 2Mbps UL plan @1999/-
  11. N

    Best Wired Broadband Connection in Pune

    I have recently moved to Pune. Am staying in Koregaon Park region, next to passport office to be precise. I am looking for a good network connection. My priority is high speed, and no downtime. Not looking for an unlimited plan. I would prefer at least 2mbps of net speed, preferably 4mbps. I am...
  12. S

    Need to buy a point and shoot camera within 15k and at most 18k. can anbody pioneers here guide me?

    Am thinking of buying point and shoot camera within 15k.. which one is the "Value for Money"...Am thinking of Panasonic DMC-TZ25 or 30...Any other cameras would anybody recomend me.. any other brand also you can recomend...latest models with good review are welcomem
  13. W

    VSonic GR02 vs GR06?

    Guys, Looking to buy a good set of IEM. Zeroed in GR02 and GR06...though i want to go ahead with GR02, thought of thinking about GR06 as well? Also is GR06 discontinued? Earphone This doesn't have it :-?
  14. akhilc47

    Case fan doubt

    Hey I'm going to purchase a few case fans. I saw few videos of some fans with LEDs to see how it looks(Never bought a fan with LED before). And I was thinking of using 140mm blue led fan on top as exhaust. But when I saw the video exhaust side of the fan was not looking very nice. For an...
  15. sayan8

    Need IEM within rs.750 range..

    I own a Canvas A115 which only supports IEM without Mic. Please suggest some.. Im thinking of cowon EM 1..howz it
  16. icebags

    1.5 / 1 Ton AC suggestion required.

    Room size - 18x10x10 (first floor) ; normally source of heat would basically be me and may be my computer once in a while. Will be using the AC during night only during summer/ monsoon (for a good nights sleep :D). City - Kolkata : weather remains pretty hot and very humid. I am thinking about...
  17. B

    HD 7850 from Dubai / US

    My brother in law is going to visit the US with a stopover at Dubai. Where would an HD 7850 be cheaper, and which company should I ask him to get - Sapphire? I'm also thinking of getting a Kindle; have opened a thread in the tablets section as well.
  18. N

    24 inch led for gaming

    I'm going to replace my gtx 670 with a 780 next month and I'm thinking of replacing my old crappy monitor along with it.. I don't know much about monitors, things like refresh rate, contrast ratio, etc are just too confusing for me, so I'm not able to decide which monitor should I buy.. my...
  19. V

    Help me buy HDD

    I am having two 500GB Internal Hdds,Now i need a external HDD but i am thinking of buying new ssd then ext hdd and use one of the internal hdd with case as ext hdd, i will use ext hdd rarely what to do friends help me ssd thinking of buying Kingston SV300S37A/120G Internal Hard Drive -...
  20. A

    Inter-religious relationships: What are your thoughts?

    I was just wondering if any of you have had any inter-religious relationships and whether this is really possible and feasible in India even if the two people involved are relatively well-educated and self-sufficient. There seems to be a lot of familial pressure on all ends with respect to...
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